Thursday, March 29, 2012

April Kits! A Return to Oz!

When I was a kid.....
About once a year on a major television network.
I could always get my freak on. 
It usually happened in the spring.
Always sometime between March thru May.
Every year it would catch me. 
As I got older, in my head I associated the event with spring.
Every year it stumped me... I could never
 remember if it was in black & white or in color.
But as it progressed I would always find myself 
quite happy to find that I was indeed correct.
It starts slow... black and white... a slow song...
a farm girl and her dog. A mean lady on a bike.
Then a big storm.
Then wham. You get hit with full color.
From that point on its off to the races.
Its easy to become less infatuated with the effects of this movie today.
But back in the day. We had no DVD player with a copy of it. 
No iPod with a small screen. No portable phone with a screen. 
When the movie was on television. 
You sat and enjoyed it while you could.
Its one of those movies you
 either love it or it creeps you out.
I'm talking about the "Wizard of Oz".
So its only true to form that we would bring this kit out for April. 
We have had so many requests for this kit. 
So here we go. Its back for a limited run.
Also attached are two other fine kits
 for your enjoyment and crafting pleasure.
The last of Match's kits are leaving the building as we speak.
Thanks everyone for your support and comments.
Happy Spring!
- Jack & Cat Curio

Journey To Oz Kit

We have had so many requests for this next project
 that we made it into a kit. This kit will have a set of video 
tutorials that will begin on Monday, April 30th that will 
be shared on our blog and Youtube channel. 

This kit is all about what you can fit in a tin. 
This month we decided to see just how many 
curio items we could pack into an altoid tin.
This is a mini selection of our favorite treasure items that
we use in our mixed media/ altered art/ assemblage projects.

1 comment:

Linda Cain said...

Always saw the Wizard of Oz at Thanksgiving...they showed it then for some reason. The Flying Monkeys gave me nightmares for years as a kid...carried me off in my pink footie pajamas every time!



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