Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mystere Curio Kit Part 1

Mystere Curio Kit / Part 1:

  "Creating Your Vessel"

Gather the following supplies from your kit or studio:
-Metal Top Hinged Tin (Altoid Tin)
-Ceiling Mount with nut and bolt
-Foam Brushes
-Ephemera- Vintage Dictionary Sheet
-Modeling Paste
-Matte Multi-Medium
-Black Acrylic Paint

We will begin with the Metal Top Hinged Tin. 

We spray painted the tins found in our kits to
 help create texture, shadow and bite. 
When using your own tin or if the one you got from us
 has a few scratches or markings, don’t worry about a perfect 
spray paint job. We are going to build several layers on this tin.

If you are using pieces from our kit you will notice that we have
 created two holes of various sizes. 
These will help you in adding elements at different stages.
If you are using your own tin you can drill your own holes,
or use a strong adhesive to help add elements.

 What we will do next is remove the hinged lid. 
To do so, just bend the lid back the opposite way.
This will cause the metal fold hinges to release. 
Then pull the top lid off and save for another project.

Push the fold hinges back into the side of your tin 
to cover the gaps created by removing the top.

Now it’s time to add some texture and color inside of your tin.

To do this you will need: 
 -Foam brush
- C.H. Studio Matte Multi-Medium, 
-Vintage ephemera

You will first coat the back panel of the inside of
 your tin using the multi-medium. 

Then press pieces of your vintage ephemera to adhere to the multi-medium. 

Then you can coat a layer of multi-medium on top of the first layer. 

Adding more medium and pages as needed. 
Also work the inside panels of your tin.

When working with your ephemera feel free to center
your text, put it in tilted, apply big pieces, or various small pieces.
It’s about your preference.
Once completed remember to clear the hole in the backside.
Use the silver smaller bolt from your kit to do this.

Once dry we will attach the base to your tin.
You will do this with your ceiling mount, large nut and bolt.
If you are doing this without our kit  you may use a strong adhesive. 
If  you cannot find a ceiling mount. 
A mason jar lid works as a fine substitute. 

Be sure to center your piece before you tighten the nut all the way.


You are now done with Part 1. You now have a free standing vessel!

Part 2 & more coming soon. 
Very soon.
All the best,
- Jack & Cat Curio


Linda Cain said...

You're amazing! Great tutorial with fantastic pictures. Thanks so much, must try this!


mrich2500 said...

Thanks you so much for the tutorial...I've wanted to create one of these for so long! Super excited...TFS!

In the Light of the Moon said...

What a tease...heehee..Big Hugs,Cat


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