Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby,o Baby-It's been Busy Brother!

Listen to me tell you a story of an artistic boy gone crazy! That's me!
School started a few weeks ago! Classes, new schedule, teaching, looking for a new job(one that satisfies my artistic needs),relationship, new cat, tons o projects, wacky family!!! Could life be any crazier! I'd rather have it full than silent and dead!
So many photo projects and computer art! But nothing from the altered side of things!
But do you ever get in those modes- where you can't make- but you plan, you prep all your goodies, you seek out all your special pieces, you dream about how and what you will create! You sketch in your head for days. Thats all that I have been doing. Prepping for the oncoming artistic explosion! However I did have time to check out the new Sumerset Studio Mag- I love Halloween! I have been reorganizing our studio for the last week, dividing it all into areas, paint area, wax area, computer and drawing tables, photo area, and most important shelves, tons o shelves for the never ending pile of stuff, and stuff, and more stuff! Tins, boxes, paint, hinges, plastic bats ,keys, foam, skeletons, I bring more home every day!
Anywho- It's time to make!So for the next three days- I'm really locking myself away in the studio- not coming out for anything except coffee, a free lunch, maybe a movie, and a quick job interview. I got my stack of movies to watch- Moulin Rouge- Night of the Hunter, Something Wicked This Way Comes-(It has it's moments), Matilda, Willy Wonka, anything else I can damn well take in with me! Oh yeah- I might go to the gym. Maybe. Well maybe I won't exactly lock myself away. Maybe I will change to working in the studio at night. Long nights!

So we have a new kitten! We can't decide on a name-his personality keeps changing-some names he has had- Mr. Fancy Pants, Tiger, Eddie, The Evil One. If you have a good name throw it on us! Here is a pic or two! Our dog “Teddy”is loving the kitten-however the kitten does not love “Teddy”! Heres a pic of Ted! Well Thanks All! Be back soon!


Ericka23 said...

Reading this brings me back to the Firefly room! Oh how I miss Mr. Mike and the Fireflies and all the chaos that went along with it. You were good for my perfectionistic mind even though at the time I didn't always think so.

Judy Bidwell said...

The kitty is just too cute! How about Mr. Tabbs for a name? I still can't decide if I want a kitty or not. Perhaps later.

Anonymous said...

Kittie is adorable... did you come up with a name yet? Don't want to revisit the days of Shitty Kitty!!!! How 'bout Otto (it's always good to be named after the hero of a classic 80's cult movie, yeah? Who doesn't love Repo Man?)


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