Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I love the polymer clay!

So I spent the late afternoon yesterday stamping, painting, and creating polymer clay tiles for my next few projects! I'm rather happy with the mix I made. It's been awhile since I got the pasta maker out and cooked me up a few good tiles. But the other day I ran across another really awesome book.
“Mixed Media Mosaics” by Laurie Mika. I was highly impressed with her pieces- I sat and read the book in the store- ran home and checked out her site! It's on my list to buy. Just not today! Then I got out my pasta maker- my shimmer and glimmer paint – cranked the oven- grabbed my stamps and went to town. For those that have never played with polymer clay( Sculpey- Fimo) give it a go. At least check out her site-its listed in my links! Have fun all! Also if anyone has anyone else who is fantastic with the clay- drop a name and I will add it to my links!

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