Saturday, October 13, 2007

ATC Trade & Spooky Ghosts

Ok Folks! Here's the scoop on last night! Mellow & Cool! The temperature outside has finally come down! Last night was nice and cool. We sat outside that crazy Mystic Paper in Mesa- we talked, we grooved, we looked for a ghost or two. Theres several ghosts that haunt the buildings in downtown Mesa. (In case you did not know) Not the crazy kind of haunting like at the San Carlos Hotel in downtown Phoenix. That is one haunted place! They have a poltergeist that will take your lunch and throw it across the floor!Plus you can hear sounds of kids running down the hallway late at night. The old San Carlos Hotel was built on top of an old water well that was also the site of one of the first schools in Phoenix, or Arizona for that matter. Also lets not forget the Spaghetti Factory on Central. Haunted? Oh man haunted. Murder, intrigue, secret tunnel under the street, screams of a woman at night up above, trays flying across the room in the restaurant. Or Casey Moore's Oyster House and Seafood Restaurant in Tempe-old historic house built in 1910. You will almost be guaranteed a ghost visit or two. I've gotten off track- talk to me this month- I know it- I'll scare the Jeebies out of you. Maybe I'll post a haunted history on a different building here in Az for this month. If you agree or want to hear more -shoot me an email. If I get a good response- I'll go with it.
So last night- Mystic Paper- ATC trade- very cool- the theme was Autumn. Heres a few examples of some of the cards I got back. Here is also my card-my own little card- I decided to go with my own version of “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.... by Ray Bradbury. One of my favorite stories. Also last night was a birthday celebration for the ladies of Mystic Paper-Jennifer & Kim. Happy Birthday ladies! Reward yourselves with something this weekend!
I'm off- I'm going to Tour De fat today- in the next hour! Bicycles & Beer! It must be the Irish in me- nothing better than drinking and then riding a bike! Not a car! A bike. A bike in a park-under supervision- while in costume – with friends. Sounds good? Give it a try! Talk soon.....


Jennifer and Kim said...

Well Mike and Lesley you've been very busy on your blog! Happy belated Birthday Lesley! you should have told us. There was room for one more name on that gigantic cake. Jennifer loves the H.R. picture! We say go with the ghost stories. They're having a ghost tour in downtown Mesa next weekend!
Jennifer and Kim

Jill said...

Hi Mike and Lesley - you don't know me, but I'm the New Orleans person. Want/need to get some more art... showed some of your stuff to some friends of mine who own a place in the French Quarter (where I live). They loved the pieces I got and would like to see more (they are artists - one does metal and the other glass)!!! Anyhow... I'll buy more pieces and pay to have them shipped, because I like them and thought you were nice, and the three I bought look great in my incredibly tiny condo (because I no longer have a house). I have bingo, vampire and dare. I've never posted to a blo, so you'll have to help me out on how to get in contact. I'll be back in Phx on the 24th or we can e-mail sooner. My e-mail is Thanks - Jill


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