Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Creativity Challenge! A throwdown!

So in my travels across the internet-I have found quite a few people in the altered art/scrapbooking/mixed media universe doing creativity challenges! So I have decided to host my own! Here goes- every Monday I will post an art sheet of images for downloading here on the site!(Also on my "Flickr" account) The challenge- you must take at least three of the images and create some sort of piece of art by Saturday Night! The piece you create is up to you. It can be an ATC, a canvas, small beeswax, collage,or any other altered or mixed media item that you may fancy. Submit a picture of your artwork to me no later than Sunday Morning. All artwork will then be posted on Monday morning for all to view. Monday because we all need an artistic pick up on Monday! The start of your week folks! The reason behind this- we all see things different- we all need to work on personal artistic voice and style. We all need to fight and strive for your art making time in such a hussle and bussle world. The truth is every artist should be making, thinking, creating, or dreaming every day. Also its good to share and learn with one another, pick up tricks,ideas,and have fun. If a small exercise like this once a week can help- so much the better. Plus I'm way curious to see who may or may not participate. If its not your thing- then I hope you reap the benefits of the art sheet. We all need more images and goodies to help with what we do. So here is the sheet for this week! I will add more info on the challenge and reminders during the week. Enjoy all!

Directions to download the sheet: Click on it-wait for it to get bigger- then left click on your mouse- look for "save image as" -click on that! There you go!

If anyone has any questions email us at or leave a comment here.

Thanks all! Happy creating from J & C!

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