Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holiday Time is here! Crazy Times!

Already the battles of what family members are going to do Thanksgiving and Xmas have begun! My goodness! Does anybody out there know what I'm talking about? Who gets to host Xmas dinner? Thanksgiving breakfast? The battle of moms! Who makes a better Turkey? Crazy times folks.

So I'm back on my feet and life is good! Santa's workshop is getting crazy. I believe we have projects going on all over the house. The cat and dog are digging things. They love to eat paper and lick everything. These two have become best friends. They play, chase, and sleep together. They drive me crazy-I need a pet free studio-all the way!
Wanted to say thanks to everyone that came out and saw us last Friday in Mesa, and the First Friday in Phoenix! Heres a few things I need to say (This could be boring for some- so skip ahead if you must):

Judy I will touch base soon -you have a very cool family.Thx for the email.

Julie I hope that you enjoy the "Magic" collage and thanx for your awesome ATC(also I know that your reading this at work-get back to work).

Melody you are missed? We will be looking for you.

K & J at Mystic thanks again for being good at what you do.

For "Mary" the ear ring lady- you gave me way too much information. Some things I don't need to know about anyone! But nice chatting and thanks for the tip. I might try the SELF-ADHESIVE and REUSABLE Replacement Electrodes? One never knows?

Jill from New Orleans thanks for tracking us down!I hope you enjoy the pieces! All the best to you and yours!

To the odd circus man that buys a print from me every First Friday- you are a very genuine awesome soul. They are hard to find. I'd love to know your story.

Artsy Fartsy Fairy you rock! Stay strong and keep doing what you do!

Latoya we missed you- they totally took the entire row of spots. Those damn art hogs- see ya next month! Also I still have the ghostbuster pics- do you really want them?

To the couple that came lookin for the "Frankenstein Love Piece"!It will be made!It will be yours!Thanx! Drop me a name or two?

To the ghost at Mystic Paper-I'm still waiting to see ya freak me out!

Judy B-You back in town girl! I believe I will see you soon! I hope that you had a great visit!

To anyone that may be new to the blog- drop a line or two on the comment box!

Tomorrow-I start Free Image Friday! Thats right people. You heard it! Free Image Friday! Oh yeah!
Here is another digital piece I finished the other night. A friend emailed me this pic of this fella with a top hat. You should not trust men with top hats or with eye brows that meet in the middle! An old tin type! Enjoy all.


Jennifer and Kim said...

Boy Mike P. you have been busy. Free image Fridays rock! We're looking forward to the open house on Dec. 10th and your next class! We are already fighting over who has to work and who gets to take the class. Lucky for us you're teaching it twice! kj

JWood said...

Can I just say here, right in front of the Mystic Paper Ghost, God, and EVERYONE!?! Mike, you are just too cool!

Just thought I'd share that little tidbit... Gotta go sell my liver, there's another wax class coming right up!


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