Friday, November 16, 2007

“Collage de Cire d'abeilles de Joli Paris”

Translated “Pretty Paris Beeswax". Monday gonna be a funday! All day teach & learn for me. First I get to teach my "Pretty Paris Beeswax"class-then I get to hang and learn some new techniques.Judy B will be teaching two free "Glimmer Mist" workshops.Don't you just love art days? Or art retreats? This day is gonna be like a mini retreat.I get to teach,make things,jabber,trade,make more, and jabber more. Nothing better in my book.For more information check out Mystic Paper.If you can't make the class-stop in and say hello anyway! There have been big changes at Mystic Paper. Diva Judy B will also be teaching her "Yes Virginia, Christmas Puzzle Book" this Saturday.This is one of the many pieces Judy has had published with Somerset. You make me jealous girl! This is a grand book! Heres a pic.


Judy Bidwell said...

I saw this piece earlier today! Wow! Of course, Paris is a favorite with me -- and Kim!! Can't take the class on Monday but will see what the schedule is like for December.

JWood said...

Hey Mike, just keep a seat saved for us each class you teach! K? hee hee... See you soon!


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