Friday, December 7, 2007

Free Image Friday! Paris On The Brain!

So here we are again! Another fast paced Friday! I hope that everyone is well. I just need to take a quick moment to say "Thank You" to everyone who has responded with kind words and great interest since we have posted our blog. Your artwork, comments, and email exchange-make it all worth it! Lesley and myself want to express thanks, and wish you all Happy Holidays! We will be responding to a few emails tomorrow morning. So if you have not heard back from us- you will!
F.I.F. Images- here you go! I will be teaching a beeswax collage class on Monday night at Mystic Paper. The theme is Paris- so I have had Paris on the brain. So I decided to share many of the images that we might use in class-plus some more. So here are a few sheets I have made. If you are coming to class-print and bring what you like! I will have more items and things for you on Monday! Once again I will post these on my Flickr account as well! Enjoy all! More postings coming soon!


Judy B. said...

Holy Cow!! Great image collages! I have printed out 4 sheets (the new printer is getting a thorough workout!!) and will bring them with me to class on Monday. I really like the "la coiffure" or French hair one the best! See you Monday!

Jennifer and Kim said...

Paris on the brain huh? Could be a song title! It's good that you have Paris on your brain because your class is fillin up. I think it's at 13 or 14! Holy beeswax Batman...better get that stuff meltin' See you Monday! kj

Perriette said...

Everyone meeting up on Monday! What is going on? I feel very left out. ;-}

Lots of great images. Thanks!


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