Monday, December 3, 2007

Rain, Rain , Go Away! Its all wet!

What a wet weekend! It started with Friday night. We had a big storm come into town on Friday. It rained, then rained, and rained some more. After I picked Lesley up from work we received calls from family about small flooding problems and ceilings dripping water. We ran around helping others. Got home late and went to bed. We had a holiday craft show to be at the next morning. Next morning got up late,scrambled around putting last minute touches on certain pieces that we had inside the studio. The studio is currently covered with items that need a heavy glaze. Boxes, tins, metal tape paintings. Glazing is the one really laborious part of making things- my least favorite part- but a necessary one. Let me take a minute to stress this. What I need to stress is: its hard looking at a piece that someone has made and not put the last touch of care on it! I'm a snob! I know. A nice glaze helps complete and protect a piece. People always forget this last step. It also gives your pieces that extra pop. Example: your looking at a well done piece but the paper is buckling and peeling on the edges. A glaze would cover this and also make it so that the owner or user would not worry about it peeling off after a few uses. Of course you would not spend your time glazing everything. It's all about presentation. Presentation and storytelling. Being an artist is perhaps 40% storytelling or content- and the rest is presentation and material know how. Just something to think about. If you have something to add or disagree leave a comment.
So back to Saturday morning- we are prepping to leave for the show. I go outside to load the car. The normal routine to this is that we keep all of our vendor show supplies and show pieces ready to go in our outside storage space. Its about a 15 X10 foot space with a sunk down floor- and what I thought was a pretty sturdy ceiling. We also keep extra stuff in there- old furniture, my extra comic & toy collections,old costumes, extra paper goods, and art supplies. Most of the pieces we finish for art shows we keep wrapped in these old wooden travel trunks. The place really looks like an old traveling magician's closet. On Saturday this magicians closet was drenched in water. My neighbors yard had flooded into the building from the backside. The roof had given out in a few areas. We spent all Saturday pulling out furniture and pieces. Trying to dry things out under the carport. Unbagged comics when wet and can hold a lot of water.Moved several items back into the house, patched areas in the storage, salvaged a few art pieces. Never made it to the art show at Mystic Paper. Sorry All! I hope that it was a rockin fine time. I'm checking in with folks today to find out. At the end of the day my mama treated us to Chicken & Waffles at LoLo's. A slice of red velvet cake and a glass of sweet tea can make anything right. In the big picture-it's all just stuff! Give me family, friends, and a good meal any time.

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JWood said...

WOW! That's quite a story! Sorry about the rain, I hope nothing was damaged beyond repair. Our outdoor morning event was pretty windy and wet also! We survived, it hit the hardest just as we were packing up, lots of parents nearby to help... I'm SURE we'll get a chance to see your latest work!


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