Friday, December 14, 2007

Second Friday In Mesa! Tonight Mystic Paper!

Tonight is the "Second Friday" event in Mesa. We will be there with a vendor table set up outside of Mystic Paper. Drinking hot chocolate and hanging with "The Artsy Fartsy Fairy" among other vendors.Also tonight Santa is scheduled to drive down Main Street on a vintage fire engine among other grand things happening. Hope to see old friends and new. With any luck-we will have no rain tonight! The last two shows we have planned for have been covered with water and cold! LOL. Have a great weekend and Friday everyone!
Thanks for the pic Kim!


My Vintage Studio said...

Hope your weekend is going well with the show! Your art work (I found you on Flickr!) is the vintage photos! Sharon

JWood said...

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by Bak'd on a cold and windy night! So nice to see you both! We braved the cold to come to your booth too! Even brought some friends! They loved your work! I think I like Second Fridays in the fall, spring, summer... Winters are NOT for me! Thought about moving somewhere warmer, like Florida ; )

Michael J & Lesley Fisher said...

Sharon your awesome! Thanks for your kind words and checking us out! I love your Flickr as well! Im going to create a list of noteworthy Flickr links.I think you should be added - very impressive.

Michael J & Lesley Fisher said...

Jwood- awesome show! It was great to come and see you the other night. I would venture out in the cold for you and your work any night! Sorry I didn't get to meet and respond to the other artists. Also thank you for croossing over and giving us a visit.
I got into an entanglement with a short man. So my focus was off. Tell you more some day. Take care- keep blogging girl- I check it all the time! Get me some pictures of your work as well.Thx


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