Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Image Friday!

So here are a few images I have pulled from my collection.I made the crown sheet for a transparency and collage project I was working on this morning. What a busy day! This will be a big crafty weekend. I have all my supplies, movies, music, and magazines ready to lock myself away. I just need to go out once tomorrow to help my mom with her garden. After that I have vowed to lock myself in my house to create and make. I have metal tape projects waiting, pendants waiting to be filled,old clock pieces to be altered,and beeswax to be spread on canvas. Not to mention two crafty magazines to read. Two giant collections of cowgirl photos and vintage circus to scan and crop. I also have to create a composite of an idiom this weekend for a class next week-I chose "going to hell in a handbasket". Anyone know the old 1940's term? If you have any ideas for a visual let me know. I have a few...but I love a good brainstorm.

I also need to create a few class examples for some projects I'm teaching.Trying to think a few months down the line. I also went and grabbed a few new sheets of the new 7 gypsies paper and ATC transparencies this week. I think that I will post a "How to beeswax with the ATC transparencies" for next weeks techniques and tips. Very cool stuff.

Also I taught a fantastic beeswax collage class last Saturday at Mystic Paper in Mesa. An incredible group!One of my favorite classes.I want to thank all the ladies who came and I hope that you all enjoyed the class. I will be finishing and sending my notes from class this weekend. Because I didn't have my camera- if anyone would like to send me a pic of your finished piece I would gladly like to post it and share. Just send it to my email. Thats all for now! More tomorrow. Good night all!


Judy Bidwell said...

Must say I am glad to see you back here!! Thought you were AWOL!

Cowgirl pictures?? Can't wait to see those! Kim and I want to do a project using a cowgirl theme. Google Lipstick Ranch.

Jack & Cat said...

Judy B I've missed you!

Jillian said...

Awesome images! Thanks for sharing.


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