Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cat Train Tracks

Cat Train Tracks, originally uploaded by jack and cat curio.

Art a day for Tuesday! This is a shot I took in a train park in Mesa.Had a few hours to fill. So I jumped out at the old railroad tracks. Found two other camera enthusiasts had the same idea. Winter birds with cameras. One was a cool old fella- the other was a creeper. He kept following me.This creeper that I mention was pink- you ever meet these type of guys- pink like a naked mole rat. Creepy like. He kept following me.Talking about trains and photos of trains. Lonely type. You need to be careful when you go out on a spur of the moment photo shoot. Stalkers of all types are never appreciated-in any ones book.
But I dig the final look. Going for a stencil on canvas look.

1 comment:

Jillian said...

Stunning photo! Also loved your description of the pink guy!


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