Friday, March 28, 2008

Jack & Cat Art Studio- Taking a Move!

So we are a movin! This week is crazy- we are moving everything- studio and all to Mesa, Az. Not to far- a long jump and a skip down the road. But during school, classes, crafting and a making- its a big juggling act. We have three possible vendor shows in in the next two weeks, I have projects and freelance jobs to be working on, Photoshop tutoring to offer, photo restorations projects, and a mess of other goodies going on around my head. Not to mention prepping for a few upcoming classes to teach. Its a busy time. I'm not complaning! I love it. Its just a mess in the house and studio. I cannot wait to set up shop in the new house. So this is where I have been. IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS.Here are a few pics. Trying to get a collection of cowgirl beeswax collages done.

1 comment:

JWood said...

oh and WELCOME TO MESA!!!!!!


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