Thursday, March 20, 2008

Photo Editing No Hassle!

Ok spider friends! If you know the reference... So the other night I was teaching a blogging class at my favorite altered art/mixed media/ scrappers hub- the fantastic Mystic Paper in Mesa, Az. I will talk more about class in another posting in a few.
But I wanted to share this before I leave the house today. I need feedback on this one. No blurkers... you types that look and no comment.

On this one I want feedback.

So one of the biggest problems I hear about from people when it comes to blogging, digital scrapping, Etsy, etc... Is photo editing. Software on the computer. What to use, what's simple, not simple. Etc. Etc.. So I have been working on this one. There are numerous programs/software out there. Most of these can be over complicated, difficult, expensive, or takes time to learn. Myself-I love Photoshop. Before Photoshop-I used a mixture of other software. But Photoshop takes money and a little time. So what to do for those that are not quite computer savy? Don't want to spend the money yet? Don't have the time? Not sure what to buy? Big question?

Well there are several free ware photo editing programs out there.

But the easiest and quickest ones that I have found that offer the least amount of hassle are these two:

Picnik & Google's Picasa! Here are links to the two! Just click on the blue type.



Between the two-I prefer Picasa. For those that have a "Blogger" Blog- Picasa may work better for you. Reason for that? Because Google owns Picasa. As soon as you get your gmail account you receive a Picasa account. As well as a blogger account. They all feed into each other. Most people are unaware of this until they get going. I know I was. Every time you upload a photo onto your blogger account it automatically gets saved to your Picasa account and goes into your Picasa photo library. That is unless you have the image housed somewhere else(like photobucket, Flickr, Etc.)

With Picnik after you get done editing your photo you can choose to send it to your computer,Flickr,or Picasa account.

Both offer lots of ways to manipulate and edit pictures.Both also let you feed your pictures to special destinations like "Flickr" with very little hassle. Both are free. So have fun- check it out. Keep creating! I would love to hear any feed back. If people like these? Or do not like these? Was this helpful for anyone?
Thanks all!


Jan said...

Thank you guys - this is absoloutely fantastic and right up my street! Getting on a bit in life I have trouble getting my head around Photoshop!! This will enable me to 'play' and at the same time undertand what I am doing!!

Chia said...

I've been using a very old copy of Paint Shop Pro. I was about to get a new version when my sister told me she thought they had tinkered too much with the newer versions and she didn't like them. I've just made the big switch and got a copy of Photoshop but haven't even opened it yet... I'm a bit intimidated. I plan to fire it up soon and go in search of some online tutorials to follow.

Sorry I didn't add to the "No Hassle" aspect of this post but I felt compelled to answer the plea for feedback.

Jack & Cat said...

Thanks Jan & Chia!

Jillian said...

I have Photoshop Elements. I spent the 80s working in a printshop with t-squares, rubber cement, a drafting table & an x-acto. It's hard for me to wrap my brain around Elements, although I have been playing with it just a little. I will try Picasa and see what that's all about. Thanks!

Judy Bidwell said...

My personal photoediting preference is IrfanView. It came free with a CD I ordered several years ago and was downloaded automatically.

Photoshop is not real "user friendly" (a favorite phrase for geeks!) and I spend monumental amounts of time trying to figure out one thing. Grand waste of time! "I want it all and I want it now!" Think I need to go to MCC and take a class! LOL!

Judy Bidwell said...

Just to let you know -- the blog took a long time to load this morning.

Marie Patterson Studio said...

I have been using photoshop elements and been preety satisfied with the results, but I WILL check out that Picasa for sure!!! Thanks for the info!!

JWood said...

Hmmm... Just curious, has anyone tried the paint program that comes with Windows?!? Or the Power Point program?!? I just LOVE Power Point! I don't think you can manipulate much though : /

Sonya said...

"Blurkers." that cracks me up:) I just found out that picasa has photo editing. Very simplified commands, such as soft focus, sepia,saturation, etc. etc.
Personally I have always loved anything Adobe and am currently using PSE 4, where I do most of my editing. There is so much you can do in PSE, and I don't know 1/4 of it.

Kims Kul-de-Sac said...

Ohhh, busted! I was gonna blurk but the guilt was overwhelming. Must spend some time with you when there is a spare moment and update my blog so I can "get with it"! Have Picasa, must use it...must use it.

Tina said...

Did not know that about Picasa!! Will go check it out..I just use what's already on my 'puter to downsize and lighten my photos..Picture it! But I would like to know more, and use a better program...someday..

Jack & Cat said...

Thanks all! For your awesome feedback-thanks also for not blurking!


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