Friday, March 7, 2008

Thursday Tip or Technique!

So I wish I could give you a full technique here. But I got so wrapped up with this First Friday controversy. So I will give you a tip instead. Then next week I will show you a few techniques and how to implement this tip.

Clipart!Yes Clipart baby! Its back and better than ever.We used it like mad in the early design years in the 80's and 90's. Go hunt down those Dover clipart books! They now come with Cd's. Even better because then you don't need to scan so much. You can usually go to the used bookstore and grab a few for two or three dollars. Heres a pic of what I'm talkin about:

Many of you probably know about clipart! But if you don't-you should. An easy way to find these books-is go to Amazon and type in "Dover Clipart". You will have plenty to choose from. The library is another one to try- go check- before you buy. My libraries carry many of these books. I bring them home-scan and copy. Plus you don't need to be afraid of becoming a pirate with these. Most are royalty free-permission free. Meaning you can use for commercial and personal.

Take these and print(or copy) on to a sheet of transparency. Awesome! Then use them in your beeswax,collage, ATC's. Etc..... Anyone seen the new 7Gypsies transparencies for aTc's- same idea. Be sure to use the correct kind of transparencies- your basic won't work. You need either laser print, inkjet, or copier. These are the three big types.Based on what you print with - choose whats right for you.

Anyway go search & find! Here is a fantastic link to a clipart database online! It is a damn big library. Its for educators and teachers-but aren't we all teachers and students. Check them out! I think that you might like them. The site is called "Clipart ETC" it is sponsored by the Florida Department of Education.

Clipart Etc


LN- Nickers and Ink said...

Great clipart pointers!

Online writers are always looking for royalty-free images for postings! Thanks.


Jillian said...

I've been getting the free dover sampler for over a year and have snagged some great images there. I noticed the local B&N sold the books too. I'll have to check the library out.


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