Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bingo Collage Sheets!

Bingo Collage Sheet #1
So here are some collage sheets I was playing with. Pulled a big pile of bingo cards out for a big project. Decided to scan and layer them for a background paper. Help yourself. One is basic- the other has a few transparent images on top.
More posts coming tonight. Back on track.
As you can also see - I have begun (once again) to make changes to the blog. Attempting to manipulate the tools and functions of blogger. So if you should visit the blog- and you have problems viewing, slowness, takes a long time, etc. Please let me know. My goal is to master blogger and all of its Html- nerdy code. Then I will expand to Typepad, Wordpress, Flash, and then the world.
I'm a gypsy- so when I cannot move-the things around me move. I get bored easy. I like to blow things up. Not like a bomb- but I do thrive on chaos. So the blog will constantly be changing. I'll be back in a flash...

Bingo Collage Sheet #2


CeCe said...

You are the bomb, Mike. Meant in the most explosive, positive way!

Carmen said...

These are wonderful!!! Thanks! So glad I came across your blog last night. I added you to my blog roll so I can check back often!

Have a great day!


Sweet Sage said...

Now, that's a first!!
Love the new look; you SO inspire me!
~ my best :)

Judy said...

These are great! So love the overlay!! I so need a photoshop class!


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