Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy, originally uploaded by Bohemiart.

I loved this... everyone needs a touch of goth on Wednesday. If you like a touch of dark in your art.. check out Bohemiart.


Debra McWm said...

MIKE!! You have a typo on your blog, for the Beeswax class in Payson. It should say June 28th, right?
Yes, I'm still in AZ and am pretty sure I'll be at your class on Saturday. I miss you and your ghost stories, man! I'm so glad to see that Jill kicked you in the butt and got you blogging again.
See ya,

Jack & Cat said...

Hey thanks Debra! It now says June 28th! Will you be in Payson this Saturday?

Tina said...

What?? YOu are having a class?? It was great fun meeting you today!!!

Judy said...

I am headed to Payson this weekend, too! Will meet up with my best friend, Gail, and we have a weekend planned of antique mall crawling and yard sale shopping!! Perhaps I will see you, too!!!

Heartinmyhand said...

Mike I love this guy. He has his bad ass attitude on

Rima said...

Hello.. what a lovely scratchy dark blog you have here :)
Best wishes from Scotland

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mike,
I was just catching up on your blog posts and to my surprise saw my name in print!!
And SO thrilled to see you enjoyed my email. (Very looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what I commented) Thanks so much! :)
lisa in spain

JWood said...

mike?!? how was payson?!?

where ARE you?

Judy said...

AWOL again??!!

Jack & Cat said...

Yes-4th of July AWOL!


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