Friday, August 29, 2008

The other day we received an award from the very sassy & artsy Debbie Tlach at Artistgirl's Muse. A huge THANK YOU to our new friend. She gave our blog an "I love your blog award". Now it's our turn to pass it on.

So we have chosen the following recipients
for the following reasons:

Paris Cowgirl
- Your storytelling
Roadtrip With Ruby- Your artistic ways! Also like Sandy you reflect the truth of all our lives in your blog.
Her Vintage Stage- Your humor & warmth! Your honesty & truth!
N Your Dreams- Your passion for life!
My Artistic Side- Your inspiring ways! A true talent!
My Pixie Pond- You share with us every day!Always creating!
Royal Saint Riches- Because in your blog you have begun to share all these things! Plus cool hair!

If you have received this award- now you must pass this award onto several of your favorite blogs. Talk soon.


Char said...

Well how nice of you to think of us with this award. Thanks a bunch.

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Oh how I feel so honored. Thank you so much for the award, it totally made my day.... I don't think it will be hard to pass the award on except that I can't pass it back to you and you did give the award to some of my favorite blogs already... and yes hair is a must in everyday living! Have a great day Jack and Cat, talk to ya soon!

CeCe said...

Thanks to you, I am passionate about blogging now. Truth is, I am passionate about reading and viewing and eating up the blogging screen of others, yours being one of the best. I am dabbling every now and then with stealing time to post. Much of my "free" time of late has been deciding where and what the best package deal on the Nikon D80 is. Too much passion can be a scarry,blurry,freaky thing. It is that time of year though. Smile. Thank you ever so much for the honor.

Paris Cowgirl said...

Wow Mike! Thanks, I had no idea until just now. Haven't been blurking lately. So much to do at the store and so little time! I'm honored and thankful that I had you build this great blog for me!

Road Trip With Ruby said...

You sure know how to cheer me up. I am really touched and surprised.
Hopefully the posting of this award
will be the beginning of happy posts from now on. Many, many thanks!


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