Sunday, August 24, 2008

Skeletons are a coming! Fall is in the air!

Soon! Very soon! Can't wait- leaves, crisp cold air, trick or treat!
First- I want to say a huge "Thanks" to everyone for kind and supportive comments and emails. You are all pure Rock N Roll! To my heart and ears.
Second- here are a few pics of things coming soon.
Been working on a few goodies.
As I always say this might be for those with "darker tastes", a touch of gothic, and for those art makers with darker stories. No worries- no human teeth I promise! But Skeletons are a comin! Skeleton fever! Soon Debbie!Soon!

The Cat and I have locked ourselves in the studio all weekend long. Been finishing many a project. Playing with a few new techniques. Anyone ever start watching "you tube" tutorials? and before you know it - three hours have passed? We have had a few of those such times this weekend.
Anyone remember these paper mache letters I posted a few weeks ago- all done- metal tape and all. The jury is still out. These are the big ones. I wanted a real rusty , stained metal letter look. I choose the letters O & Z. Yes-I'm a huge fan of the "Wizard Of Oz" books.I might go back and get enough words to create the words "Paris" for something else. We will see.

The cat has been very busy. Several necklaces. A few shadow boxes. Currently working on a box with a dark twist story. Here is the planter turned shadow box. I finished the box with a few various pieces of an old lamp and then used some insulation foam for the top. Then she stole the box from me. I like where its going... As soon as she is done, we will post a final pic.

The studio is filled with a few unfinished boxes that I have been sitting on for a few months. I started this clock piece about six months ago.
I'm going to get back on it tonight. Not sure about the story. If you have a suggestion- send it my way.

The studio is filled and jammed.

Also we have the paper pirate attempting to runaway with a few pieces..


Anonymous said...

WOW! great pics!! and get a load of all those bits and pieces to play with...Man! What a great studio you two have. And a great chaperone ;)
I think those letters look cool. That's my verdict. That clock project, since it's a clock, what comes to my mind is someone who is trapped (ghosty type of situation) because of a time on the clock that never comes. Like she's (I don't know why I'm saying she now, but anyway, just going with it here!) waiting for the clock to strike midnight but that never happens. Reverse Cinderella. She's stuck in time limbo. A very sad state indeed! %)= ...anyhoo, looks like some great creativity happening there. Cheers! lisa in spain
ps. I am loving the new list. Totally obsessed with that Wonderwall version. Can't get it out of my head! :)

CeCe said...

I adore that you and the cat share the pashion. I also think it is TIME for the paper pirot to be the inspiration. Maybe she/he is the one in the time warp????

Debbie Bick said...

Skeletons..ohhhh..sweet stuff..can i just shop your studio..makes me two are such great fun...keep it up. and thanks for sharing..
hey good going on ru have fun learning..
your are such a inspiration to all of us..

Judy said...

I have left some devilish picks for you at Mystic Paper. Be sure to ask Kim for them! Actually had to fend off others (customers) who wanted to buy them before I even got them handed over to Kim!

Heartinmyhand said...

Oooooooooh great pics. Love your studio. Can't wait to see the finished projects

Lindsey Michaelree said...

I love the skeletons and Must have some.... Where did you find? Also love the letters and LOVE the Cat's creations!

Anonymous said...

Love those skeletons! Your stash is huge. Have fun with it.

Jen Crossley said...

Hm Any suggestions um SEND IT TO ME LOL

Yasu said...

ZO is so cool !! I always love your work, Mike. You shold make YASU! Just kidding.
One Japanese lady(I do not know her) gave me a comment and said she is taking your class sometime soon. Great! I wrote about your class on my blog with a lot of pictures. Sorry I delated the one with you because I didn't look good.


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