Friday, September 19, 2008

Done! Last class project for the month... maybe..

So I have been trying to finish a few more examples that I will be teaching for classes this fall before I leave for Ranger U in October.
In between building websites for folks.
Studio time has been some late nights. I just finished my Bingo cards for the Mystic Paper trade the other day! I have had many weeks- but I didn't tackle the project until the last minute.
I had these great techniques I wanted to do.
Turned out-not so great. Good- but not great. Then I saw some of the other Bingo cards that people had done. Fantastic!
I will kick it in high gear next time! Promise!
Note to self- when playing with new technique
and product don't do last minute.
Anywho- finally caught up and almost done.
The studio has almost reached a point of calm and clean.
In the last few weeks it has been chaos and crazed.
The dog has had his fill of paper and edibles from my craft table. He sneaks. I find pieces of chewed grunge board and
ghost shapes on our bed and around the house.
So here's some pics of things I'm currently done with.
I will be taking some of these over to Mystic Paper today.
Then I can start planning the Junk Tour! For all you altered art types!
In the last few weeks I have had Joseph Cornell fever! Shadowbox craze!
Talk soon!


Jenna K. said...

Junk...tour? (quivering lower chin) Oh, I must be a part of that!
...Now you know I'm NOT 'blurking', just not really a skeleton kinda gal...

Lindsey Michaelree said...

Can't wait for Junk tour.... or shall I say to hear about the junk tour....I will be on the creep for details.

Anonymous said...

wow, mike, your new stuff looks really neat. I laughed with your "note to self" because its EXACTLY what I did this past week: trying out a new technique and new idea and then running the clock to get the project done...Not a good combination. Got myself really bent out of shape. Plus there's some sort of weird planetary alignment in general right now (and the full moon!!) that seems to be getting most everyone a little off kilter. HOpe that shifts soon! Cheers! lisa in spain
ps. must be getting excited about RU, eh? how many more sleeps?? ;))

Anonymous said...

pss. I said "neat", but I really mean AMAZING.
Like I said before: "Mr. T, you'd better eat your Wheeties for Ranger U, cuz Sir Jack is lookin about ready to open up a can of whoopass on y'all! ;))
heh heh. (sorry, that's one of my favourite expressions ;))
kanpai! lisa in spain

Her Vintage Stage said...

Hey Mike I love the shadow box on wood. Are you teaching this, if so I'm in. Sandy

Debra Mc said...

I must jump on that junk tour bandwagon! Do tell more, Mikey dear.


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