Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A teaching treat at Mystic Paper! and more......

Goodies for Saturday's class at Mystic Paper!

This weekend is going to be fun and grand!
Two full days of teaching and creating!
Can't think of a better way to kick my favorite month off. October is just around the corner!
I love the month of October
(so does Lesley- its the month we fell in love and first met).
I love Halloween.
I love ghosts! I love mystery!
I love dark stories of romance, broken hearts,
and remembering days of our youth.
Love it!
I'm getting out the Halloween decorations this weekend.
I have a big party planned in the month of October.
So may cool things occur in the month of October.
I love Oktoberfest, bratwurst and beer.
Ghost tours and haunted walks.
All the brothers want to get married on Halloween.
So far only one brother has succeeded.
The rest of the brothers seem to believe in the Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn
relationship for many years thing.
Or as Lesley and I call it- common law.
One brother married the love of his life on Halloween. It was a big Hollywood masquerade a few years ago, in Laurel Canyon across the street from the old Tom Mix cabin site.
My brother (the groom) was stabbed in the leg by the
brides grandfather before the vows.
Good times. Most likely you have caught a glimpse of the grandfather in a few movies or an old popular television show.
But that's a possible lawsuit and story for later.
My family's lives often play out like an HBO/Showtime comedy.
So next month its gonna be good! Plus it starts with Ranger U!

Here is a pic of the Hinged "Autumn Passion" Beeswax

But before next month- I have this weekend. I put together a set of classes for Mystic Paper.
I have a shadow box class in the morning, and a Autumn themed hinged beeswax in the afternoon. Then on Sunday I will be hanging at Mystic Paper offering hour sessions for anyone that might need some computer/tech art related help. Such as questions about Photoshop/blogging/ Flickr/ Etsy / Photo restoration...if you have not been inspired to put your artful passions and technology together yet... you need to be thinking about it.
A whole new world will open up for ya!
Can anyone relate to what I'm talking about?
I just started blogging a year ago. Love it! I love that I can be inspired and share with so many individuals from all over. Blogging?
I remember actually laughing at the thought of it.
Seriously. I was like blogging? Such is life ..... so many turns.
Anywho classes this weekend- I was out grabbing a few last minute supplies today- came home and started making kits for the classes. I found this awesome( did I just say awesome?) pack of brass knobs. Check these out.

I believe we will use these in Saturday's class for the hinged beeswax.
A pack of thirty-for ten bucks. A great find!
One of the things we will be exploring is black patina to get certain effects.
Love to make things dirty.
Favorite Peanuts character-Pig Pen!
These will be the last classes I teach before I leave for Ranger U.
After these classes -heading to New Jersey! Do I have blogging plans on that trip. Oh yeah! I need to find me a travel gnome? Or something special to go with me! Nothing better than a collection of photos with a random strange little figure in every shot. Did I loose some of you bloggers on that one? No problem- you will soon find out what I'm talking about.
I guess that would be evil laugh out loud.
I have obviously blogged too much now.
Step away from the computer.
Talk soon- Michael


Paris Cowgirl said...

You completely crack me up...did I just say that? I can't wait to see your travel companion. Will he come to visit this weekend? hmmmm Halloween makes a great party!

Char said...

Hay Mike --you are just too much. Have a great time at Ranger U. Learn lots to bring home. T&C

Maija said...

I'm really looking forward to class with you this weekend!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Hey Char & Ted- Thanks for the cool sticker sheet!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Class will be good! Can't wait to talk more about your Paris trip. Looked fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I think you might mean MAW HA HA HA! I love a good evil laugh out load. So, I'm not sure if I have ever told you anything about my dejavuish things that happen randomly to me. But today so far I've seen two other Putmans. One on the Today show, I think he was 105 years old, the other is May Arts Ribbon is on Putman Road. I just think that's odd, or evil perhaps...I'm waiting for my third. If it happens today I'll let you know.

Jack and Cat Curio said...


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask you today, "Hey, Micael, how many sleeps!!!???" but since you already brought it up, I know you are excited...Ready to open up a can 'o whoop ass on Ranger U??? I know you will. Can hardly wait to hear about it all. Cheers!!! lisa in spain

Anonymous said...

i forgot the h.


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