Saturday, September 20, 2008

So I lied..This will be the last ...Project

So I promised Kim at Mystic Paper a hinged "Autumn Passions Canvas" for a class. It sounded grand in many ways two months ago. Had trouble with this one. But I got it. MY own flavor, taste , and style. But yet open for change. Making sense?

Before I go on that long drive.I had to finish this piece.

But here is the Autumn "Passions Hinged Thingy". I love it!
Reminds me of fall- school, Halloween, fear, Harvest,fall colors, school games.
With the help of some Tim Holtz stamps! Thanks Tim!
I'm gonna go drop it off at Mystic Paper today.(plus pick up some Bingo Cards!)
Then I'm off!
So here is the song of the day on my playlist. Its called "Furr" by Blitzen Trapper. I love this song.(Plus two other favorites)
It makes me want grab my girl and go for a long drive.
So that is what I'm gonna go do!
Have an awesome weekend everyone!
Do something bold and unruly!

PS- I will be finishing a few blogs & emails as soon as I get back!


Anonymous said...

oh, this piece is great. love the combination of elements/images here. I've been thinking about trying out one of these hinged canvas projects as well, after having seen Tim's. Would love to be there for this class ;)
Have a great drive.
"May the road rise up to meet you" :)

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks Lisa!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Love this!! I must have been to Mystic before you dropped it off! Looks great!!

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Cool, very cool...I'll be in one of your classes sometime in the near future, I promise.

Jill said...

Love this piece! You really did capture "fall"--at least in my eyes. The big harvest moon! I love the wings w/the key in the middle. That really struck me as a cool composition. I love ALL your work.

Judy said...

Love it! Will have to sign up unless you need help! LOL!!

Sarah said...

Just came across your blog and immediately added it to my reader. If you come up with such cool stuff now, how cool will you be after your Ranger enlightenment?

Tina said...

This is a great piece! hope you and Cat had a wild and free trip..sometimes you just have to clear your brain that way..that's why I love to ride my harley..

sherry said...

I really am loving these. The detail you put into them iis amazing

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks all!


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