Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kicking In Jersey- A long day of travel.

Whew! What a day.Up and out early this morning.
Pack and grab, and out the door. Got my big bag of goodies.
Forgot my photo op pieces. Forgot half my clothes. Grabbed my coffee and bags.
Thought that I had everything. Not quite. Got to the airport early this morning.
Kissed my girl outside. Checked in at the desk.
Got stopped at security- got inspected, detected,suspected, neglected,
and then told to move to the group W bench. Or so the song goes. Thanks Arlo!
Spent time with my friends at security.
Just because I always have so much stuff in my pockets.
Then off to Gate C -they put us on the plane a half hour early. Then they had an hour and a half delay from take off. We sat, we sat, we sat.
Then we flew out of Phoenix.
I witnessed a shocking cat fight between four flight attendants. The older attendants didn't like how the younger attendants were collecting trash.
They were all swearing at each other.
Never have I seen the like( not true- seen it at a roller derby).
After six hours I was finally let loose off the plane.
I then met a man named "Big Tony". Big Tony was waiting for me at the baggage claim. Big Tony was like an Italian version of the butler 'Lurch" from the Adams Family with a hint of Tony Soprano. Standing next to him I felt like I was twelve.
Big guy. Really big.
He called me "sir". I was going for my own bag on the carousel. Tony actually moved three guys out of the way to get my bag. Physically moved them.
Never have I seen the like( not true- seen it at a roller derby).
Big guy. Nice guy.
He drove me to Tinton Falls.
Where I shall arrive at the golden gates of Ranger tomorrow morning.
Tony gave me the layout of the land. Recommended a few bars, where I could play the ponies if I so desired. A race track down the way.
He figured me for liking the ponies.
I think Tony likes to gamble.
Checked into the hotel. The front desk then left a cryptic message for me. The front desk attendant told me 'The people in room 2@#! are looking for Rangers". This sounded odd to me. Who are these people in 2@#! I thought to myself. Will they want a call from me? Are these other Ranger U attendees? Do they know its me? Or will they be creeped out when a strong, bass sounding voice says hello "I'm a Ranger looking for other Rangers?" I decided to pass for tomorrow night. Perhaps its a special group in room 2@#! that has nothing to do with Ranger at all. I then treated myself to an individual dinner for one at Applebees. Where the plethora of big haired waitresses- put me in the part of the restaurant where they like to put all the single individuals together. That was not exactly what I had in mind.
But thats where they put me. You know the single guy place-
just old guys eating by themselves reading papers.
For a brief minute I was that lonely guy.
I looked around Applebees at certain groups.
A few groups of ladies ate here and there in the restaurant. Are these some of my fellow Ranger U attendees? Hmm... I thought.... looking around ...
Who will I meet tomorrow? Hmm?
Exciting times.
Dinner was good- a quiet moment in the day to prepare and relax.
The cool news is Ranger is directly behind my Hotel.
The weather is crisp and cool.
You can hear crickets -a sound I greatly miss.
The leaves are getting ready to turn and fall from the trees in another few weeks.
It all has that perfect "Trick or Treat" October vibe starting.
Gotta love it.
Here is a night pic of my hotel. More pics tomorrow.
I need to watch the Vice P debate.
Then take a hot shower. Throw my feet up-read a good book.
Then off to sleep -to dream about inks, stamping ,Utee,melting pots,
alcohol inks, and other such glorious goodies.
Tomorrow will be grand.

A good day of reflection during it all.

Who I have in my life, what I have, what I'm doing, where I'm going.

But isnt that the point of any good journey or art retreat?

Talk more later.
Thanks all.


Paris Cowgirl said...

You are there! Be tough... this is a great journey!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

All good cowgirl!No complaints.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Okay, if it doesn't work out at Ranger U, you get kicked out, and/or you never make billions of dollars as an artist/teacher, you could make it as a writer. I'm just kidding (you could make it as a writer but I'm kidding about the getting kicked out part - you'll probably show them a thing or two). You have such a gift in front of you to add to all the gifts and talents you already have. Love your descriptive unpatronizing humorous posts. Wish I was a fly on the wall (actually would rather be a fairy with pretty wings and a party hat, but . . .) I would love to see every moment of the journey that awaits you! Enjoy and savor and know there are folks you never met that are wishing and thinking good thoughts for and about you!

MizSmoochieLips said...

Since I'm new to your blog, I have no idea who these Rangers are you speak of, however... which little plastic companion did you choose to take along with you?

Jenna said...

Biggest bummer of the whole story? Applebees.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

So, we miss you already!!! But enjoy the journey!! It will be fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Next week I will relay your best wishes to the guys at security!! I have never been blessed with their full attention..........yet!!!!

Sweet Sage said...

Hope you have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE, Sir!!

Tricia Samsal said...

Your travel story is cracking me up! The cat fight sounds hilarious! Who doesn't love a good cat fight?! Have a great time!

Lindsey said...

Your a hoot! Love the hotel. Have fun, you will love it!

Anonymous said...

great play-by-play, thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the first phase of the adventure.
I think you should sing a roudy version of "HEY MAMBO" a la Rosemary Clooney in the shower tomorrow morning, just to put you in the right frame of mind.
You are so gonna open up a can '0 whoopass on Ranger U.
Ya, Jack!! Get your inkin-melting-distressin-embossin-groove on!!
ciao, regazzo!
lisa in spain

Debra Mc said...

Ah, Mike, you truly made me laugh out loud...the catfight, Big Tony. It's great to be able to hear from you on the road. Have a blast, learn lots, and come back to us and SHARE!

Maija said...

You're so funny! Enjoy your time there!

JWood said...

mike! have a wonderful trip, remember it's all about the journey... wherever life takes you... we're all happy you were able to go, we'll all be happy when you're back home, in your niche, creating, teaching, endulging in the desert (first time i spelled dessert, i wonder if that was meant to be?!?) learn good things!!!

AimeeInOhio said...

MIKE!! You crack me up!! ya shoulda called us!!!

So glad to be crafting with ya this weekend, you're a delight.


Raven Grimaldi said...

Hey cowboy. Don't let those East coast people show you up. You know you got the goods, baby. I loved Tony, he's the man you expect to see and voila! just what you wanted. Kinda funny how that works with you - always say you get what you give, and you always give 110%. An artist with your kind of original talent is what the world needs, and going on this extraordinary adventure will only enhance what you already have. You get an opportunity to learn from creative people and they get a chance to find out what the Jack is all about. Fair trade....
The Raven -

Judy said...

You have a great time, Mike! Wish I could be there, too!! Perhaps next year! When things loosen up financially! Knock 'em dead!

We all know you rock!!!


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