Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Alive!

Yes still alive! Happy Belated Halloween to all! What a month. I had a super fantastic Halloween! Then I got quite sick this last weekend!
Sunday night I got hit with the worst case of the flu.
The worst fever I have ever had in my life -chills, cold sweats.
Today is the first day I have been able to actually remember my own name,eat more than applesauce, and walk across the room without having a dizzy spell.
Seriously was on the verge of some major ER time. So I have alot to share.
But for now -here are the different faces of my Halloween! The last photo is how I looked on Saturday morning.
For Halloween day- I started as myself.
Then I dressed up as a "Redneck Republican"- Ted Nugent style.
Sorry- bad joke.
I love all of you misguided artist type republicans.
Not many of you.
Republican starving artists that is.
But I have met a few of you.
I don't really understand you. But I love you.
Your kind of like Nutella.
A misguided or misused sweet thing.
Anyway-loved the election!
But no politics here.
Talk soon.
I have collage sheets and two big giveaways coming soon.
Perhaps I'll be able to post it later tonight!
Take care all!

In the morning as myself!

My afternoon shot! In my first disguise of the day!

My second costume- for my niece and nephews!

Then back to this. But with black makeup around the eyes.
Then me Saturday morning! Damn tired!


Tina said...

Not the right kind of hat for a Ted think the Saturday pic is waaaay scarey than the others..glad your back up and amoung the living~

AimeeInOhio said...

you're a riot!

I dressed up too, I love Halloween. I spend the entire week in costumes.

tanya watts said...

oh poor you! i can just imagine how bad your flu must have been! it's the worst feeling ever isn't it! gkad for you it's over!!
you look hilarious with that tash!!!! honstly! never grow a moustache micheal haha! and the dark rings around your eyes the day after! man!
halloween isn't a thing here, just for the kids, i'd soooo love to dress up! i'd probably dress Victorian or something like that!
it would go well with my bright gingery hair , like a house on fire haha! probably like your moustache :-)

take care and a bih hug all the way from belgium!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Nice to see you back up with the living!!! Sorry you caught the bug! Never a good time there!

eclectic archivist said...

I thought that was you in the Mystic Paper blog pictures!

Scarlet Fields said...

Glad you have recovered! Love the photos! XOXO Misguided Republican-LOL

Lindsey said...

Sorry to hear you were so sick. Hope things are looking on the up side. Love all the pictures, the redneck costume is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've recovered from your Mung Fever. Those "down and dirty" ones really suck, and it sounds like you were contemplating your own mortality for awhile there, so hope all is well now. Perhaps it was a healing crisis? At any rate, good to see you back in your groove (and thanks for the music update: as always, enjoying it thoroughly! Cheers! lisa in spain

Anonymous said...

Live Journal still hasn't fixed the confirmation glitch. I hate signing in as anonymus - maybe I don't really exist. Anyway, I played some of the WWII music on this cold, rainy day. Brought back memories. Glad you're up and around.

Jill said...

Dang, Dude....your Ted Nugent deal is look like 99% of the men who live w/in a 10 mi radius of my house out here in woodline of NC. Glad you are feeling better!

Babs said...

Love the disguise although it reminds me way too much of a guy I dated in high school - talk about scary!

I love your blog and when I was tagged the other day I decided I just had to include you in my tagging. If you want to play along the rules are posted on my blog.

Happy creating!

Jan C. said...

Glad you're alive as I'd miss your
posts.....but maybe I would save
time by not staying on the computer
so I could run your playlists in
the background....your artwork and
writing is terrific also


M said...

Good to see you're alive and well. I was wondering where'd you'd gone off and disappeared to. Keep eating some chicken soup and recoup.


Maija said...

I hope I am in the "liked" group!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

I am one of those misguided Republicans - love your blog and the music is fantastic...ever listen to the Ink Spots? as for Ted...he lives about 30 miles from me...not a bad get up...Ted is a good redneck...he can ROCK! :)


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