Friday, February 13, 2009

Lurking at Mystic Paper-The Peddler strikes again!

Ok friends. Here is a tip.
If you lurk around Mystic Paper ( my local fav store) long enough- good things come your way. Even if you pop in a quick flighty moment.
You never know what you gonna find.
So yesterday I was lurkin and workin at the Mystic Paper.
Making changes to the new Mystic Paper website with my good friend Jennifer(co owner of Mystic Paper). When good friend Kim(other co owner of Mystic Paper) and the Peddler ( Kim's husband) came bustling into the room.
Arms loaded with vintage goodies.
The Peddler is one of my life lines to finding perfect pieces
for our altered art projects.The dude searches. He sweet talks. He charms.
He gets. You need it? You lookin for it?
Talk to the man.
You need skeleton keys? barrel keys? ephemera? bingo pieces? etc.
If he don't have it- he will know how to find it.
I also refer to the Peddler as the "Mayor of Mesa".
Becausec he seems to know all of the downtown Mesa folk.
He has a weakness and fondness for hot wings.
So you can use that perhaps in negotiations.
Anywho the Peddler and Kim showed up with a few vintage goodies.
Hooked me up with some sweet finds yesterday.
Nothing better. Its all in the timing.
Not sure what they got left. But if they don't have any.
They may point you in the right direction.
Lesley and I just wanted to say thanks Mystic & Peddler!
The things that we will make........
Here are a few pics of the goods.
Also a flatbed scan of a few small things I found yesterday.
I was talkin twith people the other day of the power of the scanner.
For making and prepping your own object collage sheets.
Here is a small example.
I decided to show you how you can scan yourself also.
Attached is my my self portrait/scan.
Enjoy all.
Talk soon.

Yesterday's goods- in my scanner- digital collage -oh yes!

Self Portrait Scan! Try and scan your feet!

Watch parts from the Peddler/Mystic Paper


Tina said...

Swweeet..goodies you got there..and glad to see you back in the saddle again here in blogville!!

JWood said...

awesome images! check out my friend's photos and free textures at FUN STUFF!

Theresa said...

Love your blog and your images; have spent several minutes here and at your Flickr photostream. Legally lifted a few collage sheets that caught my eye. I've not posted any personal creations yet but hope to very soon. I did put a link to your blog in my 'Blogs I Like' section. Thanks for making your art and ideas available for those of us more challenged; have a great weekend!!

milkcan said...

Dude, you found some unbelievably awesome stuff! I'm totally jealous!

Cecelia said...

Was so good to see you yesterday at Mystic. Is so good to be visiting with my coffee cup today. Want to visit more this week so keep the door ajar!!!! Smile.

Jennifer and Kim said...

The Peddler is blushing. Now, must go scan before the rest of the goodies are gone!

Jennifer and Kim said...

The Peddler is blushing. Now, must go scan before the rest of the goodies are gone!

Anonymous said...

Keep the self-portrait handy for Oct. 31 st :)

Judy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judy said...

The self-portait gave me pause! When I saw you last Monday at the teacher meeting it struck me that you and Glenn Beck could be brothers. The scan changed my mind, however! LOL! Way wicked scary!

P.S. I deleted my previous comment because of a typo! Being a teacher I COULD NOT leave that one out there!

PLO said...

lucky lucky! I don't have a great store like that to shop in.

Scarlet Fields said...

I just love the self portrait. Lucky you that you have a "go to" place. I am always searching and no matter how much I have on hand I am always missing a perfect piece. Cant way to see what you do next! Scarlet

eclectic archivist said...

If I hadn't been stuck in the flower shop for Valentines day I may have beaten you to all that "cool stuff".

The oddest thing I ever scanned was Yellow Bunny Peeps... and after I was done I bit their ears off!


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