Monday, March 30, 2009

New Blogger Alert!

As long as I'm posting. I need to throw you all a new blogger! She's damn cool. We just finished her blog. I love what we did with her banner. For you local girls- or Mystic crowd- you need to get to know this one. This is the blog of Donna M.- Donna is very much a paper cowgirl type at heart. I'm borrowing that terminology from you Texas Tina.
Give her a visit- prevent Blogger depression- nobody likes a non visited blog.
-Michael J.


lifeheARTist said...

awww! *blush* Thank you Mike! Thanks for introducing me to the blogging world and for your fantastic work on my site... and for being so patient with my lack of navigational knowledge! ; ) For anyone looking to create a new blog or tweaking up an existing one; Mike is the BEST! He just exudes artistic talent in everything he touches! : )

Jack and Cat Curio said...

"Blush" back at ya! IT appeared you scored the other day at the sale. I was so envious. Green to be exact.

Anonymous said...

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