Friday, May 15, 2009

All about the fun!

A great way to kick off the summer.
Can't wait.
Still working on my costume.
If your local and in should check it out!

If you go... you might not be able to find me.
I might be in
drag, wear a swag, or just a checkered flag!
For more info: Bohemian Bliss Soiree

Post photos and more this weekend.

Eye candy folks.
Its all about eye candy.
I can never turn down an invite for artistic eye candy.


domestic bliss said...

It was wonderful meeting you for a brief moment at the soiree... I loved your mustache.... primo!
Thanks for the shout out- Can't wait to see your pictures- I bet they will be fabulous. Blissfully!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hi Guys! I was so happy to meet you 2 at the Bliss event ... Kindred spirits. I had such a good time. This event makes me want to start wearing all my vintage hats again. I think I am going to get then out of storage and put them on . hugs Julie


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