Friday, May 15, 2009

No posts? New colors! New Beeswax!

Ok I'm back.
I missed a day and then some....
My modem conked out. No Internet for a day.
What was I going to do with myself?
I had Facebook withdrawals, email worries, and blogging breakdown.

So I locked myself in the studio for several hours....
I bees waxed my little heart out.
Lesley and I have discussed changing the color palette for the summer work.
Lately we have been toying with the new Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints.
Love her color palette choices.
The best.
Also I have been meaning to dabble with the new alcohol inks.
So combine the two with a few new beeswax techniques.
What do you get?
Damn cool beeswax pieces.
I know that we may loose a few- we will gain a few.
Don't worry... we still love dark meat. Gothic touch, etc....
Here is a peek. I will post more on Flickr later. Perhaps a class.
Need to restock our Etsy.
I have promised a few people certain pieces for awhile now.


Lindsey said...

Oooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhhh.... I love all the color! I am recently addicted to bright colors and the way you have the pieces all layed out next to each other looks so yummy. A class for sure would be great! Thanks for sharing!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks Lindsey! I know about the addiction of color... the last few days.. have been really fun. Super bright. But fun.

M said...

Ditto! Gorgeous colors! I want to go crazeeeee making transparencies. I know just where to look!
Mr. Mike-Stop by Frenzy this weekend and meet Kelly. She's funtastatic!

Robin said...

Love these colors!!

JWood said...

great color choices! fun stuff! glad you're back!

Nan said...

Just came from another blog where I saw yours mentioned. I already enjoy looking at your site and was glad of the prompt to come look tonight because I really love the new beeswax pieces. I am new to beeswax and haven't tried colors but want to now! Beautiful work!

lifeheARTist said...

Very nice! Isn't it such an awesome feeling of accomplishment when you step outside the comfort zone and create with things out of your normal style? I like to challenge myself once in awhile too. I like the idea of a class also. Oh, just started a FB myself; I'm gonna come looking for you crazy kids! ; )


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