Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August kicks it all off for me...

Living in the hub!
Crazy month here in the old Grand Canyon State.
The flames of creativity are running as high as the temperature here in Arizona.
We will see a high flux of artists and art enthusiasts this month like no other.
For me its the official kick off for the new year.
August is here.
This month comes screaming fast and furious on the trails of
those returning from Florida's CHA Show.
New product, new goodies, new ideas.
Then it all starts here in town with Art Unraveled,
and then it continues into Creative Escape,
First Friday Art Events in downtown Phoenix crank it high.
A few Store anniversary events. Hint Hint. Mystic anyone...
Then Fall hits in high impact. New classes. Holiday jump.
An art making wave to ride like no other.
I love the Fall.
I love art in the winter.
I love my Holidays, art circles, shop talk, and damn good classes.
It all starts this month.

If you live here in town... you pay a price.
You live indoors all summer... eating way too much cookie dough.
Hiding from the heat.
In exchange you get the best fall and winter in the world.
Can't wait to share more later tonight.
Here is a peek of current projects....
A hint.... resin, resin , resin....
Talk soon all.


CeCe said...

Love these August Bottle Caps, Mike!!!!

JenCoen said...

How is it that I *just found you!!!! I'm local and totally can't wait to take a class with you!
P.S. Totally <3 your etsy!!

Amanda said...

I'm back to teaching tomorrow, but I will return to your blog often to help with my sanity. I've got say, it's one of the best. great writing, inspiring photos and ideas, and quirky music. Perfect!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Hey Ladies! CeCe -I hope all is well.
Jen- Welcome and we will keep in touch! Amanda -thanks for you words. Have a great school year! Have fun putting that classroom back together this weekend. I remember the days well.

JWood said...

i feel a SWAP coming on... lol... nice to hear from you! keep up the good work!

lifeheARTist said...

Those caps are SO damn CUTE! LOVE 'EM!!!

Jamie said...

Oh I have spent all morning looking at your blog, your website, your Etsy. Wishing all the while I lived in AZ. LOL!! Beautiful art, beautiful everything. I will be back ofte. Love, Jamie

Kim said...

Do you have a spot at First Friday, if so where are you? So I can stop by


Sandy said...

Love the "pop" art!


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