Monday, August 10, 2009

Resin , glazes , and more.....

In my earlier post I made reference to current projects....
Resin ...
I mentioned once or twice.
Been playing with resin for the last two months.
Resin and any (and all) glazes.
Been pouring pieces, making molds, testers in bottle caps,
embedding objects, covering artwork, etc.
My desire for resin play started a few months ago.
When I was chosen as one of the "Amate Studios" Design Team members.
The good folks at Amate asked me to play with a few goodies.

Going into any new medium....scrapbooking, encaustic, acrylic paint, etc.
Takes a solid six months to learn a good foundation.
Even then... that's just a great foundation.
You always have more to learn.
Everything has a learning curve.

If you are going to absorb all the info.
The pros the cons.
You need to go thru failure, have pieces fall apart on you.
You need to put the medium thru the ringer.
Especially if your going to teach the medium.
You need to know the ins and outs.
The complications, the health factors ( if any),
the needs of the chosen medium.
Also as a mixed media artist( or altered artist)- the truth be told...
you need to do strange things with the medium.
No - I don't mean rub it all over my body at the stroke
of midnight under the pale moon, etc...
You need to know the limits.
You are on the brink of exploration.
You are attempting to come up with a new technique.
A new method.
A new way to enrich the story.
Think out of the box with it.
Or be more economical. Or save on time? Etc...
What can resin mix with? What can't it mix with?
Can you sink food into it? Photos? Flakes of foil?
Will it ever crack?
Is it? or will it? ever be a "green" product?
What will smudge my pictures? Will it bleed my ink?
How do I safeguard my images?
What kind of paper can I use?
Is it going to turn my silver green?
How long will it last?
So many questions.
So in the last few months...
I have created a list of all the different glazes, resins, and enamels,
that we all use in our art making.
Almost done.
I should have it done by the end of this week.
The positives and the negatives of:
UTEE, Diamond Glaze, Amazing Glaze, Glossy Accents,
Alumilite, Magic Gloss, DG3,
Liquid Laminate, Ice Resin, Triple Thick, and the list goes on...
If anybody has any notes on these products...
Wins? Failures?Likes? Dislikes?
Please leave a comment or two. I will gladly add to the findings.
Talk with you all soon.


lifeheARTist said...

SWEEET! Can't wait to see those results. Love the pieces in your pic! Those bottlecaps are just too damn cool! Oh... & I highly discourage the "rubbing the resin all over thing". LOL! What would make you even say such a thing?... even if that's not what you meant... sure; we know...*wink-wink*! hahaha! Maybe those fleeting thoughts are a possible *health risk* from inhaling months of resin fumes? Well, on the upside to those *risks* you & Lesley sure can create some beautiful work! : )

JWood said...

nice! sounds like some fun times, messy studio i'm guessing, i LOVE when my studio gets messy, it means i'm DOING something! have fun you two...

Anonymous said...

Is the info going to be in a downloadable form?

Tina said...

you are sooo right~ Can't wait to see what you have 'discovered' in your travels thru this medium ;)

Mermaid Queen said...

I've been learning about resin too, and here's what I came up with. Doming resin from an online company called "Rio Grande" works the best and stinks the less (hey it rhymes!) for pouring into something like your bottle caps, and in my case pendants. Also, you can bake it to make it cure faster. I tried using "easy caste", and it smelled worse and I could never get it really hard, it came out sticky many times. Also tried the synthetic kind and it was so strong it practically burned the hairs off my head! Keep up the great work! Martha


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