Monday, October 26, 2009

Hallowween Giveaway #1

Four more days... til Halloween!
In celebration.... a few giveaways and a Halloween music mix a day!
Today is a "surf n turf" collection of Halloween music!
Thought that I would jump on here for a quick post.

I'm heading back into the classroom today!
What does that mean exactly?
I'll tell ya a little bit more tonight.

I'm damn excited.
Perfect timing.
I still have time to set up a Halloween Dance and a haunted house.
( I mean "Fall Harvest Dance"and "spooky harvest festival maze").

Its been three years since I worked with a big group of youth.
It's like riding a bike....
It makes me think of my teaching com padres.
I love co-teaching!
Ericka, Jared, Eric.
My fav's!

Today I go it alone.

Jumping into a classroom that needs repair,
kids that have been bored to bad behavior,
non inspired projects, broken spirits, broken centers.
A lonely playground.

Nothing is more upsetting to me...
than a neglected classroom and an uninspired child.

Can't wait to jump in and start inspiring.

I'll be back with more tonight...
But here is a quick giveaway..

We have several "Halloween" packs of goodies
created from various classroom materials.
Halloween Transparency, ephemera, 3-d objects.
Putting them all together in a nice prize bundle for your crafting desires.
I will post a photo or two tomorrow.

For today's Halloween giveaway-you need to leave a comment.

The question that you need to comment on is:
What is your favorite classroom experience?
Do tell.....

Tomorrow morning we will put all your names in a hat.
I will have Lesley pull 5 names out.
If she pulls your name- then you win.
If you happen to win-
We will mail the package to you/ or drop it off at a local store.
(For those that live out of country-we will gladly mail it to you as well!)
Comments close at 12:00 midnight.
Winner will be posted on Tuesday morning!
Happy Monday All!
Go do something unruly and exciting!
Talk soon!


~Wendy~ said...

My favorite classroom experience is one where I have one of those wonderful moments of Ahhhh! Whether it is learning a fact about something, or more of a hands on 'how to'.

It is nice to know that there are a few teachers out there who want to inspire!
for The Gothic Tea Society

Sarah said...

Funny you should ask. Couldn't pick just one, soooo...I'd have to pick every class led by T!m and Wendy on the Artful Cruise in Mexico. From T!m's boot camp to Wendy's soft style...they were all favorite experiences!

Tina said...

Best experience both as a child in the classroom and as an adult, is that the teacher is excited about what they are teaching, they are anamaited and full of ideas for you to go with on your own!

Good luck with your inspiring!

Michelle said...

Guess it is really not a "classroom experience"but.....I must say that everytime I go into Mystic Kim and Jen are always showing me something new and exciting. They are the best!

Erica - CopperSunSilverMoon said...

I think my favorite classroom experience(s) come from when I used to teach craft classes for kids. I am always amazed how creative children can be.

Heartinmyhand said...

Well of course it was my first class taught by you. Beeswax. You turned me on to altered art. And I must say brought out my dark side that has been suppressed for all these years.

Love, Mindy said...

Oh there are so many! I have awesome childhood memories - but, as a parent...I would have to say the best moments are helping in my child's classroom. Seeing the look on their face when I walk in and then experiencing their day with them.

Have a magical time inspiring all of those little souls!

Robin said...

Favorite classroom experience would have to be when I was finally able to get up and speak in front of the class without being so nervous that I couldn't breathe!

Char said...

My favorite experience in school came once a year on Punski Day. We all got a custard filled donut.

T-dizzle said...

My favorite classroom experience was the day in junior high when we had to dissect a frog. I was so looking forward to that day in class until I actually "saw" the frog pinned to the board. I couldn't do it, I couldn't harm the little frog (it was already dead) After much debate and a little prodding from the teacher, I was able to complete my science class. I remember the teacher taking the time to understand my lack of enthusiasm for the task at hand, he helped me through that moment and urged me to go forward and to learn. He was a great teacher!

Judy said...

My favorite classroom experience was when I had to write a note to the Tooth Fairy telling her that little Sharon had lost her tooth in class, but had dropped it down the sink drain when she went to get a drink.

Sharon put the note under her pillow that night and the next morning the Tooth Fairy had left a quarter for her -- this was a long time ago when the Tooth Fairy got off a lot cheaper than today!!!! Best classroom story I have!

Deb said...

My favorite? I have three...two of which my Kindergarten and later, my sixth grade teachers allowed me to freely express my art. The third was my seventh grade teacher who taught us Transcendental meditation (TM) to focus better in doing art. Angels really do exist. I know of three.

CeCe said...

Depends on if I am commenting on being a teacher or a student. Depends on if I am commenting on art classes or the regular classroom in the public schools. I am going to pick my favorite experience in an art class since it seems so appropriate for your blog! Because of a kindness I had exhibited towards you, to my surprise,, you did a special class for my friends and me and announced the class was for free. It was at a time when my being was fragile and your action brought tears to my eyes as I was so appreciative of the "goodness" in your heart. Your kindness is often remembered and gives me a warm feeling every time your name is brought to my attention- be it seeing you, reading your blog or hearing your name through other sources. Once again--Thank You!

JWood said...

did you use a POINTY hat to pull names?!? lol...


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