Thursday, October 8, 2009

A special gift! Blogging Friends!

I started blogging in September of 07.
Since then I have been on and off.
I go for great amounts of time.
Then sometimes life can be overwhelming and I stop.
But I always come back in some way or shape.
I love blogging.
This week I have been reminded why I blog.

We all have moments with our blogging....
What to blog about? How much should we share?
When to share? Share too much?

Is it self marketing? Ego? Friendship? Loneliness?
Sense of community?
Validation? Acceptance? Informative?
Self Help?

The list goes on...

When I started... I jumped out the gate..
I loved the idea of an online art journal.
I started teaching others how to blog.

Couldn't get enough.
Such connections could be made.
I saw friendships being created, personal empowerment,
artistic sharing, sense of community.

Now we have Facebook... blogs can feed into that...

some folks still Myspace, NING communities, more websites, etc.
Some people have backed away from blogging.
Some have shared too much and have felt that burn.
For others the economy and finances have taken away a little spirit.
Time commitment for some.

Don't get me wrong.. plenty of people still blog.

I'm bad at getting back to people... some of you may have noticed.
Its the gypsy in me.
We moved so many times as a kid... so many schools, so many friendships.
Same with the stage... so many years acting...
Every six weeks or three months your on a new show.
New cast... new friends.. you share everything... then you move on to
the next acting gig and repeat the process.

My perspective... once a friend... always a friend.
You might not live in my neighborhood.
Or be in my direct line of vision.
But rest assured you are in my thoughts.

For me its the same with blogging friends.

Anywho.... I'm rambling.

Since I started blogging ...
I have created some fantastic friendships and connections.

I find it exciting that with blogging and Facebook so many
connections can be nurtured and developed.

What sparked this post?
A thoughtful gift and several emails and comments from friends.

Back in the Spring of 08 I started blogging and exchanged a
few emails with an artist in New Mexico.
Her name is Cheryl Thorpe.
A month or two after I started connecting with Cheryl.

I met her friend & artist Annie Onderdonk.
was visiting Az. and happened to stop here
in town at Mystic Paper (a local store and teaching hub).

That was back in May 08.
Since that time we have exchanged a few comments
and have been connected on Facebook.

Last week I received a package at Mystic Paper addressed to me.
It was from Cheryl.

Inside the package was a very fine soldered pendant.
In creating the piece she had used
one of my collage images from the blog.

So very cool!
That Cheryl would think to create a piece and
send it my way.... just a kindness sent to one person from another.
Made my day. I love it.

Thank you Cheryl!
Above is a peek at the piece she sent me.
Also a look at Cheryl's work and Annie's.
I hope that they forgive me for stealing the pics from another site.
Once a pirate always a pirate. LOL.
Don't take that "pirate" thing to seriously folks.
I do have strong belief issues with copyright.
But that is a topic for another day.

Cheryl's Artwork!
Above & Bellow

Annie's Artwork
Above & Below
Another such connection that runs in my head this week.

Is a blogging friend who was one of the first to
ever leave a comment on my blog.
We found each other on Flickr.
At the time the name of her blog was "Paper Mojo".
We exchanged a few comments for a few months.
She resides in that huge Lone Star State.
She's like every Texan I ever met... strong, loves to laugh, and full of life.

One day a good friend Becky Bunn of "Heart In My Hand"
called me and told me that this "Paper Mojo" gal was in town.
Did I want to meet her?
I instantly regressed to a fourth grader with a pen pal letter and dance.
I loved the idea!
That I was going to be able to put
a face to the blog words and comments.

Its kinda strange... the way that blogging and the Internet can join together folks.

So I met the lady behind "Paper Mojo"
her blog is now called "Glue on my Fingers".
Her name is Tina Wright.
Since I have met her we have traded a few ideas and goodies.
Its cool watching her grow as an artist, teacher, and a person.

Your in our thoughts Tina.
Stay strong.

The list of friends and folks that Lesley and I are thankful for goes on.
Your comments and emails
are held dear.
We appreciate your thoughts, your words, your time.

All the best everyone.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

once again loved this post!!!

Robin said...

What a heartfelt post from such a wonderful blogger!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Thanks you two.

House of Hullabaloo said...

Mike, You have added a whole new dimension to my life! What with the art and the blogging. I adore Leslie too and love her artwork!

Linda Cain said...

Your blog is like treatment for a starving soul. What fantastic pieces of art. I LOVE it all!

Linda Cain

Tina said...

Thanks Mike, I don't care what anyone says, your a good egg~

Cheryl said...

Mike, I'm so glad you like it! You are so generous with all your images. This is a favorite!

Lucy said...

Wonderful post! You have a great way with words, always enjoy reading your posts. Belated Happy Birthday to Lesley, you told a very romantic story about you two!


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