Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Three more days....

Hello Bloggers.
Happy Tuesday!
So here are the winners from yesterday's Halloween Giveaway:

Sarah-Vintage Figments
Tina-{glue on my fingers} paint in my hair
Brenda Johnson Martell.

Send us your address in an email and
we will send you a Halloween prize bundle in the mail.
You can reach us at jackandcatcurio@gmail.com.
We will also track ya down thru email.
All the best.
Thank you everyone for your fantastic comments.
Kind words and big hearts.

Need to jump back into the classroom now...
I will be back on later tonight... with another giveaway and a longer post.
plus a special Halloween flavored ghost story.
Three more days til Halloween.
Talk soon,
Mike & Lesley


Tina said...

Happy Happy..winning cool stuff from cool people!! thanks!!

Sarah said...

I won!! How cool is that!!! Thanks!!!!

Robin said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!


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