Thursday, October 8, 2009

Upcoming Classes

Dark Mystery Shadowbox Class examples at Frenzy Stamper.

Having trouble with Blogger today....
Acting a little hinky.

Wanted to attach this with the last post... but its fighting me.

So we have two upcoming classes in the next week.
So if your looking for a spooky creative time.
We would love to have ya.

This Saturday October 10th.
We will be teaching at Frenzy Stamper in Old Scottsdale.
The is our Dark Mystery Shadowbox Class.
We will be exploring how to convert a cigar box
into a perfect dark and mysterious tell tale box.

All supplies will be provided.
All students will receive a curio kit filled with goodies.
Here's a peek at the project.

Dark Mystery Shadowbox Class example at Frenzy Stamper.

Then On Thursday Oct 15th.
We will be back at Frenzy Stamper.
To teach our Halloween Silhouettes and colored beeswax class.
In this class we will explore the basics of beeswax.
Then dive in to the benefits of colored wax,
imprinting & stamping, and introduce molding with beeswax.
All to achieve a spooky delightful piece.
All supplies will be provided.
Students will be able to choose their own
imagery from a vast Halloween collection.

Here is a peek at a few examples:

My creation

An added bonus to classes at Frenzy Stamper....
Besides such a fine classroom,
creative store owner, and eye candy inspiring shelves.

is so close for a quick cupcake boost.

Red velvet....... hmmm...


Chia said...

Love the boxes, they beckon me to lean in closer and see what lurks in the corners. Speaking of lurking... I guess I'm a Blurker :( It is too easy to fall into that trap.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

So, I'm waiting for you to pop right on over to So Cal and teach. Zinnia's in Pasadena would be a good spot. Your work is always so delicious. Love these pictures - lucky students they will be!

Thanks for the blog visit. I know you are always so busy so it makes my day when you have a chance. Wish you could wave a wand and make a blog for me! Happy birthday to your love - what a romantic post to read! sigh I know how it feels. I knew I would marry my husband and pledged it to my sorority sisters the first night I met him. 10 months later we got married in Vegas - 21 years ago and he is still my best friend, my everything. So, cheers to you both!


Jack and Cat Curio said...

Talk about busy Marsha! Wow-your work is lookin good. So impressed.Thanks for sharing about the hub.I love romantic stories.
Would love to teach in So Cal... sometime soon. We will see.
Then we can also get together for dinner and shop talk.
Talk soon.

KAT said...

Okay -I am guilty - I am a blurker! Busted! Love this box - I've sent it to myself because I may use this idea as a jumping off point for some Christmas gifts - there's a lot of inspiration on this box!!

I was very touched by the post about your wife - you must be one sweet man - have your wife read this and tell her I said so!!!

Gotta go - leaving in the early morning to go cruising with Tim Holtz - yipppppeeeeeeee!!!

JWood said...

hey mike! i saw some of your artwork in payson yesterday! NICE! i enjoyed the little scrapbook store there, first time in : )


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