Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creepy things...

creep·y (krp)
adj. creep·i·er, creep·i·est Informal
1. Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear,
as of things crawling on one's skin: a creepy feeling; a creepy story.
2. Annoyingly unpleasant; repulsive: the creepy kids next door.

So... here is a post... all about the creepy.
Creepy happens.
A sensation that makes the hairs
on the back of your neck stand up.

I just got done reading a handful of books.
My favorites of these-all have a huge touch of creepy.
The most recent of these reads.
Were two of the three Scandinavian thrillers from Steig Larson.
Love these books.

I like it when creepy visits but doesn't last.
I actually meant to throw this post up months ago.
More of an October story.

But I think about it all the time....

If you have ever rented a home or two...
You know that sometimes you inherit a little creepy.
Renters leave things behind.
Sometimes treasures can be found...but most often- not.
I once rented a place where the renters before forget to
pack up an entire alcohol cabinet.
That was a treasure.
Other times I have found baby alligator heads in
a broken crock pot in a basement.
That was disturbing.
Other times ... dirty diapers, jewelery, books, furniture, gun powder,
broken toys, damaged pipes, broken windows, etc.

I have seen it all.

The worst thing we ever inherited was a "poltergeist" in
an old farmhouse in Sacramento, Ca.
My family moved in. We began restoration on the place.
I was in fourth grade at the time.
Place was extremely haunted.
Took us about three years to figure out that we needed to move.

Floating shower curtains, dead animals,
all the children suffering from nightmares.
Every family member can share a specific story or experience on that one.

Then sometimes you rent a place filled with other peoples history.
Photos, ephemera, storage spaces filled with crap.
The owner says that you are allowed
all access on the property... except for that one area.

Then after a month of renting you go look in that area anyway.

But have you ever rented a place with a secret room?

Have you ever rented a place for a few months?
Then you noticed something creepy?
My very rockin -artist- sister in law and brother had this happen.

Her and my brother rent this house up in Seattle.
When one day they noticed they had a certain window on the house.
It should have been connected to a room?
They went investigating.
In the extra bedroom they found a secret door...
Behind a mock wall was a secret little room.
Here is a picture of what they found...
Also a link to her post...describing what they found...
The Wolf Aesthetic
Because she writes it better than me...

Enjoy... sometimes creepy lingers...

Talk with you all soon!


Christen Shaw said...

Heehee, that was indeed a creepy day and a creepy room... thanks for the nod... maybe this weekend I'll explore the attic or the weird sealed off spot under the house... wish you were here to hold a flashlight!!

Anonymous said...

It was extremely interesting for me to read this post. Thanks for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Linda Cain said...

Sad and creepy! Reminds you of Sybil.
I have several pictures of orbs from our travels. Very fun to see.
Granddaughter went to King Henry XIII this summer and took a picture that had an orb show up in it...several lost their heads around that place!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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