Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dude! Your mom is so hot and cool!

My mom last year at Vulture Mine.

Dude!Your mom is so hot and cool!
I have heard it since I was in fifth grade.
I heard it when my mom came for our PTA school parties.
I heard it when she would pick us up after school.
I heard it at our birthday parties.
I heard it when friends and relatives came over.
My brothers and my sister have heard it everywhere we go.
Sleep overs. Football games. Theater shows.
Fencing practice. Band practice. Bar shows.
Even when we were getting our tattoos.

My mom in the late sixties.

Our mom is a mix of gypsy, actress, historian, shaman, and master storyteller.

She has saved my life several times.
Not just watching over me as a kid.
But watching over me as an adult as well.
I had a tumor the size of a softball under my chin several years ago.
Due to her work and her decisions.
I'm still alive.

My sister, brother Andy, and myself.
Hippie kids!

She has cared for us all.
Nurtured, protected, and encouraged.

Our mother is a fighter.
A survivor.
Our best friend.

She has adopted many in our house over the years.

Not just my three brothers and sister.
But children of best friends, cousins, girlfriends,
band mates, the list goes on.

My other brothers and sister. Seattle branch.

You have done a great job with us all.

Happy Birthday Kay!

We love ya!

My mom turned 65!
She is still cool and hot!

PS: This music mix is for you.
Thanks For Bob Dylan, the Doors, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Arlo,
Hoyt, Clapton, the blues, and all the rest...

My Brothers. Happy Youth.
Nothing like filling your pajamas with stuffed animals.

The brothers Sam, Andy, and Chris.

My brother and our Christi!

My mother as a child.


House of Hullabaloo said...

Great Birthday tribute. I love the pictures!

Michelle said...

WOW is all I can say! Happy Birthday Kay.

Linda Cain said...

Every once in awhile I would pose against a wall like your mom and say "new in town, sailor?" as my husband and soulmate is an old navy man.

We children of the 60's are survivors if nothing else. Happy Birthday to your mom...your tribute to her was heartwarming.

Linda Cain

Raven Grimaldi said...

Dude! You are so cool. Thank you, baby, I'm so lucky and I love you beyond anything.

Christen Shaw said...

Wow, truly a perfect b-day tribute... and damn, that woman IS still hot and cool!!!

CeCe said...

Dude, No Way That Woman was 64 when that first picture was taken---Is there? Really? Truly? Your mom is 65!!! Dude----Amazing. No wonder you are so talented.

Jack and Cat Curio said...

You all make me laugh. Thanks for reading, sharing, and all your fantastic comments. I'm lucky to share a connection with you all.

eclectic archivist said...

I love the fact you use Arlo on you play list...I remember singing the "Motorcycle Song" to my kids when they were very young.
Do we get Alice for Thanksgiving?

Tricia Samsal said...

Is that a stuffed animal in your pajamas, or are you just happy to see me? is all I think of when I look at that photo, tooo funny!!!! I did alot of goofy things in my childhood, but I don't think I ever stuffed my pj's with stuffed animals! hilarious! thanks for sharing.


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