Friday, December 4, 2009

Eighties fix and December rush.

Unfinished beeswax panels in the studio.

I need an eighties fix today.
I take comfort in the eighties.
Thompson Twins, Breakfast Club, Depeche Mode, Ferris, Sixteen Candles,
big hair, Dallas, pegged and rolled jeans, early U2, a touch of punk,
Valley Girl, Duran Duran, Solid Gold.
The list can go on and on...
I need it this morning.
I need a relaxing moment of calm.
December is upon us.
It has hit fast and furious.
Lesley's mom has had a kidney transplant this week.
(So far so good)
The family biz has been cranking away.
Holiday youth camps have been planned out.
Holiday orders and goodies have been in full swing.
Thanksgiving has been cleaned and settled.
Xmas is getting set up.
CHA pieces are being created.
Gifts for family and friends are being produced, found, and hunted.
Home essentials are seeking attention this month
the water heater, the dryer, the water pipes.
Computer fix it jobs are keeping me on my toes.
Freelance design has been found where it can.
The nights have gotten longer.
The weather has finally turned colder.
My immune system has been bombarded.
Working with kids... I get coughed on, wiped on, cried on,
spewed upon, groped, kicked, hugged, and glued.
Why do I love teaching?
Besides being an inspiration, sharing, and creating.
I love organized chaos.
Plus -you never have the same day.
Also I love snack time.
I like snack.
Two of my favorite words... snack... and lunch...

Kids also make me laugh.

Its always changing.
Never a boring moment.

So anywho...

With all that.
We have decided to take some time off for awhile.
We need to get caught up on a few things.
We have decided to spend the next month or two
centering on family and friends.

The studio will be staying busy!
But we have decided to cut back on adult teaching for the next month or two.

We have several new projects in the making, techniques to share,
and several tech/ web related ideas that we want to get started on.
Also a few artistic Holiday gatherings to plan.

So we will only be teaching once this month.

This class will be offered this Saturday!

At Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale.

We will be teaching our last beeswax collage class for the year.
The theme is "Romantic Twenties".
From Paris to New York.
Music halls, flappers, silent film starlets, and showgirls.
If you are an advanced student and you would
like to fuse your own images so that you
can create a special gift in this class. Just send me your own
photos via email and I will prepare your images.

One of Saturday's class samples...

Thanks everyone for reading.

I'm off to bounce over to Tim's blog for a peek at today's tag.


Chia said...

OMG, like, Valley Girl is one of my favorite movies evah! Nic Cage was a wild hottie!

Best of luck to Lesley's mom and to the whole family.

SueC said...

Hi Mike and Lesley
Your work is as fabulous as ever Mike.
I know what you mean about working with children - I love teaching them too. They have no inhibitions about trying something new.
Enjoy your Christmas break and have a peaceful New Year.
Love n hugs Sue xx
ps Good wishes to Lesley's Mum and hope all goes well with her.

Linda Cain said...

Like I've said before...wish I was closer to take your classes. Out of this world creations!!!1

Working on projects and burning my fingers...ha! Comes with the territory of course.


Oolie said...

Love your blog ...usually just lurk but want you to know that your efforts are enjoyed. Also want to take a class...maybe next year.

JWood said...

sending my best to lesley's mom... and mike! have i got some GREAT 1920's images for you! when i took my trip to OR, i learned that some of my great great aunts were in show biz, the pics are like BRAND new! one of my great great uncles was killed by the mafia! *gasp* wow, the things you learn while on a mini vaca...

JWood said...

oh! and one GREAT aunt was a MODEL! wow! hope all is well with you and yours, stay well my friend...

Char said...

Hope Thanksgiving was grand.
Lesley Hope your Mom is doing well. We'll be thinking about all of you. Have a Wonderful Holiday.

tanya watts said...

my best for Lesley's mum
it's good to take a bit of time off and have priorities! as some here have said, i wish i lived closer, but not only to do a class you know i think ur great!lol! more for sitting together with you and les,talking, drinking wine, eating and making great plans lol! you know it sounds like fun! and we will make it happen one day. all my wishes to you both, hugs and hugs and hugs...


Anonymous said...
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Tumble Fish Studio said...

Just popping in to leave some wishes for a very blissful Christmas and Happiest of New Years!
As for your eighties fixation - I have it too and have proudly handed it down to my 16 year old daughter who wishes she lived "back then" (seems like yesterday to me - I was in high school and college in THE best decade ever!) She is a huge Breakfast Club fan and insists that ll of her friends see that and St. Elmo's Fire.
Your work is as beautiful as ever and your calender fuller than ever. I'm tired and thrilled just reading all you do!

Anonymous said...
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Maija said...

I hope you and Leslie enjoy this time off together!
Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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JWood said...

mike! come back to us! we LOVE your blog!


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