Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Down Time....Much needed

Down time....
Lesley and I have taken the day off.
Much needed. Classes, Daycare, Spring Break,
orders going out, digital design jobs ...
We need a day for ourselves...
Having a nice play day- check in with a few local artistic folks today...
Spend the afternoon in the studio.
Need to get a copy of Michael de Meng's new book. "Dusty Diablos"
Prep for tomorrow nights class at Frenzy Stamper.
This will be the second class of the "Ranger Technique" series.
Its all about "UTEE".

I will share a few more goods on that later tonight.
Workin on a few fantastic sample pieces for a good friend, Amate Studios,
and a new class for next month. All with UTEE and embossing enamels.

I will post more in a bit... (serious), also promise to touch base with a few email friends, Facebookers, and with any luck- read a few blogs.

Thanks to all that came to class at
Paper Vineyard last Saturday for our "P is for Paris" class.
Had a blast!
Talk soon.



tanya watts said...

owww the P for Paris is gorgeous!!! i love it! hope you are realllly taking the day off cos it doesn't really sound like it at all! take care mike x

SueC said...

Those Paris pieces are truly lovely - I couldn't decide which one I liked best even though I kept going back and forth between them. Hope you had a relaxing day.
Hugs Sue xx
ps - is that Rocky or Teddy you are snoozing with?

JWood said...

wow, i love the paris letters, just adorable! nice job!

KAT said...

Really love this - the metal tape work is outstanding... I might need to make a K is for KAT...

Do you ever do classes anywhere around Ohio? I would love to take some if you do....


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