Friday, April 9, 2010

Tantrums, tempers, and dumpster diving....

Rocky out in the sun...

So this morning got away for an hour or two...
So what do I do?
Dumpster Dive!
Go to my favorite local trash and junk holes...
I dig .... I scrounge...I find!
Here are a few pics... its a messy job...
My hands are a mess at the end of this...
Clorox wipes... disinfect hand sanitizer... please.

You never know what might be at the bottom of these bins.
What did I find?
Not much.

I had a barrel of odd and end going...A pure collection of weird.
Game pieces, broken action figures, a few doll heads,
a purple wig, two shadow boxes,
and a 8X6 foot map of North America.
When I turned my back... a few kids got my barrel.
They seemed to be so happy with my lost treasures.
That I decided not to stir a fight with them.
Plus nothing like finding a grown man fighting
a group of six year olds for plastic
game pieces and broken doll pieces.
Once in awhile.. I might be up for this challenge... not today..
I had arrived this morning to a classroom hit by an "angry kid tornado".
Big kid... big temper.
He was upset about someone stealing his Nintendo game...
I came on to the scene to find that my young friend had
unleashed his rage on my classroom...
Turned over tables... bins across the floor... broken dolls....
It was a good tantrum...
I had to respect the damage he was able to do.
I was the clean up man..
Put out the rage.
Got him thinking ... then we cleaned the room together.

Anywho... no more kid tantrums.
I still have the afternoon to go back and finish...anything can happen..
I could deal with six more of these type issues today... or maybe?
A bead in the nose?
I had a kid yesterday cut his finger open with a pretzel.
I know ... a pretzel?
I thought he said "end of a pencil"...
Then he showed me the pretzel..
He said he gets pretzels and pencils confused sometimes...
Such is life....

Here are a few pics of my Irish dogs from a few weeks ago.
I know you might be damn sick of my dogs.
But I had to share a few of these with some friends.
Thanks for putting up with me...
Talk soon,


SueC said...

Love your ramblings about life...and please don't stop showing photos of the gorgeous Rocky and Teddy. Have a great day. xx

KAT said...

Glad you are back - I haven't been checking in like I should... Love your pups and I have a lot of respect for you being a teacher - it's a tough occupation if you are really good at it - you can really impact someone's life in a positive direction.

Anonymous said...

"He said he gets pretzels and pencils confused sometimes..."

great line. I can totally relate.

they are lucky to have you,
I am sure you are one of the ones they remember.


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