Friday, August 6, 2010

Changes...They are a comin'

Burning Man 2005- "La Contessa"

Making changes... blog... classes... new website...
It all starts with this month.

My favorite month of the year?... August.
Then October.
Why August?
Because its filled with new starts.
Think back on your childhood...
For me the first day of school was my favorite.
New clothes ( or hand me downs with new shoes).
New school year...
New Teacher...
Sometimes new friends... new expectations... new challenges..
I love teaching kids at this time... because that excitement and
nervous energy... that newness lasts from now til Valentines Day.
As adults we sometimes loose that energy.
But kids are filled with an abundance of that eager creative energy.
Its infectious...
Several other things happen in August.
People come back from CHA...
New Products... New ideas....
Here in Arizona... the summer temps break.
People begin to wake from the heat slumber.
Art Unraveled happens here the first week of August.
Creative Escape happens the last week of August.
Also just north of here in Payson...that last weekend of August
is also Paper and Metal Scrapper's "Chocolate & Artistic Retreat"!
All the schools... elementary- college all start back up.
Art walks take full center.. Scottsdale and Phoenix!
Tour De Fat, State Fair, Haunted Houses,
(Ghostowns prime walking time),
Ghost Tours, Roller Derby, Oktoberfest, Arizona monsoons,
Day of the Dead festivals, Halloween.
Cool nights and bonfires.
Holidays a plenty!
New Theater season, new exhibits, new television shows.
New books, Fashion Week in New York......
The list goes on...
For me... how can you not refill the artistic well with all this?

So it begins.....

Burning Man 2004-"Temple of Stars Bus"


SueC said...

Oooooh!!! sounds exciting. Bet you're buzzing.
sue xx
ps where's scribbles and scratches gone???

Linda Cain said...

Visiting your blog is always a treat for the senses. GORGEOUS! You feel like you should be buying a ticket to enter.
Love it and your "out-of-this-world" ART!
Truly Genius...


JWood said...

sounds like great things are in store of all of us! thanks for sharing your love of the months with us! i feel a book coming on...

Chrisy's Cottage said...

Hi Guys, Just found your fabulous blog!!! Miss you two wonderful people. Hope you can make it back up our way again soon... Love the bus... Hugs Chrisy


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