Friday, September 24, 2010

Class update....

Hello Bloggers!
Wow! What a week!
Things are moving fast.
The studio (the entire house) is flled with October goodies, 
crafts, kits, and antique bits of curio.
Beeswax pots and collage going in the studio.
Soldering jewlery and resin in the kitchen.
Kit building and prepping in the guest room,
Photo shoot and filming demos- happening in the living room.
Plus plans and special projects being created for my brother's 
October "Day of The Dead /Punk Rock Wedding" 
being fashioned wherever we have extra storage or space.

The paper eaters ( the dogs ) are in heaven. 
They love to eat paper...
They wait and watch for your back to be turned...
They lurk and scuttle between it all.
Waiting for us to drop a  piece of scrapbook paper,
a button, a wooden spool, a doll part...etc

Anywho....Class updates...

We had mentioned in the last post
our "Halloween Spooktacular" for next month.
Happening on October 9th at Paper Vineyard.

Here is a peek at the two projects:

Halloween Beeswax Collage 2010

 Halloween Curio Shadowbox

The day will be filled with cool projects, 
trunks of spooky curio, and ghoulish fun.

If you are looking for some creative fun tonight, or this weekend.
We will be teaching a "UV Resin Pendant "class tonight at Mystic Paper

Then on Saturday at Mystic Paper we will 
be teaching our "Dark Wings Shrinebox Class". 

We also have 15 "Steampunk Curio" kits still available.
The cut off date is tonight at midnight.
Can't wait to share with you all next month's kit!
All the best everyone!
Have a great weekend! 

1 comment:

Judy Wood said...

great stuff! as always! and always fun to see you shopping/teaching... i've been busy subbing/creating lately : )


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