Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wow.... December is rolling fast...

Decembers Studio Creations

 I thought November was a blur?
December is rolling fast....
Happy Holidays everyone!
So much to do... not enough hours....
So Lesley and I have been damn busy with things. 
On the rise with two new full time jobs.
One of the reasons you might not have heard from us for awhile.
In between the job search and hunt. 
We have been cranking away on many items in the studio.
Creating new imagery, playing more with resin and pendants, 
applying new techniques with beeswax, and building new classes.
Also we started monthly kits in October...
Its been a few months  filled with vendor shows and
continuing with the freelance design jobs well into the night.
I miss the days of a better economy.

Just wanted to give everyone a 
huge "Thank You" shout out for leaving comments and emails, 
and also great responses to our kits.

Its been a wild ride this last year.
I look forward to the upcoming New Year!
Above is a peek of studio creations from the month so far.

This weekend we will be teaching our last 
shadowbox class of the year at Paper Vineyard in Chandler, Az.
Hope to see ya!

All the best,

1 comment:

Linda Cain said...

So glad you guys are doing well! Always enjoy your images and music!



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