Friday, March 11, 2011

M7 Street Fair and Curio 33

  So last Saturday we put up shop as Curio33 
at the Melrose and 7th Ave. Street Fair.
It was grand.
We had posted several prep photos of us getting ready,
spending the week sanding, painting, 
 picking display pieces we could alter.
Everything came together.

Ran into several good friends, met a few new ones,
found lots of solid inspiration in friends and artwork.
Inspiration... its good to fill the well of creativity...
I can always do so at such events...
I love being an artist.
I love setting up a vendor booth.
Sure its alot of work... packing, repacking, hitting the road.
But its the gypsy in us...
We love to travel, we love to share, we love to shop.
We like to pick and hunt, we like to find a mysterious piece,
an odd relic, a handmade treasure.

We also love the food.

The smell of kettle corn, barbecue, roasting coffee,
sweet smells of iced lemonade, 
 sno-cones dripping with sweet blue flavoring.
It depends on the events... different foods... different styles.
Fry bread dripping with honey and powdered sugar.

In the Fremont Market in Seattle you could smell
flowers and handmade scented candles being lit, 
roasting coffee and freshly made doughnuts. 
A touch of chill in the air as you set up.

Outside Shoreline before a Grateful Dead concert
it was the sound of drum circles
and the smell of mood food (like fallafel).

In Mesa tonight it will be the smells
of Queens Pizzeria hitting us.

Anywho...we love it all.
Here are some pic's of last weeks booth 
and a few folks that we love.
Thanks all that stopped into our little booth.
Also a big "thanks" to Jennifer at Mystic Paper!
Also Miss Amanda at Evermore Nevermore!
Becky for the real creepy doll sheet!
Tricia for always being a positive friend 
and we love your "Bliss" Trailer.
For more about the event and more pics jump 
over to Lesley's blog Curio33

 Our Beeswax & Canvas

Bling &Things!
More dictionary pages.

Stole this pic off of Tricia's site!

Talk soon all!


Linda Cain said...

Love the whole idea. Could feel it in the air from your great description...the gypsy mood is spot on!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

Linda you are the sweetest!


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