Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Wowwy wow wow wow"

"Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante Shadowbox w/ Metal Tape"

So it has been a busy two weeks around here....
Since April 1st we have been in and out the door.
Studio jammed with goods...kits packed everywhere...
running to UPS... packing up for vendor shows...
unpack from vendor shows... repack...
Teach a class... do a demo.. send artwork... fill orders...
Do some laundry...back out the door...
Grand madness. 

A pic of our booth highlighted in the New times.

We are quite happy with it all.

It has been organized artistic chaos.
I love making up terms when needed.
My favorite is when I tell folks I'm an Anal-Retentive Procrastinator.
My junior high principal didn't think was funny.

The heat has already arrived here in Arizona... 
So some of these shows (all outside)... have been a little rugged.
We have been dehydrated, wind blown, baked, and washed out.
Its kinda like artistic camping and picking.
So things have calmed for a bit.
But this weekend things start up again.
This seems to be the pattern for the next 
four months... but with more heat increase.

So life is good. 

Even better this morning...today was our 
showcase day as Design Team members on Graphic 45.
The fine folks at Graphic 45 get us. 
They really do. 
What do we mean?
Hop on over and take a read... 

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to
grow this year with them and be
included with such talented designers.

Plus we received the biggest box of goods to play with. 
Our mail lady was found 
huffing and puffing with the box outside our door...
If only she knew what paper treasures lay inside......

Thank you team Graphic 45!
Special shout to Charee & Kelly!
Also to the Design Team members for making us feel welcome!

One of our Graphic 45 submission pieces also
a class this weekend at Paper Vineyard..


Didelis\Gele said...

wow! amazing creativity! great job

Sarah said...

Looks like G45 papers were made just for you! Beautiful work!!

Laura said...

i love it- anal retentive procrastinator! I've been anxiously following waiting for the unveiling of your Graphic 45 projects and, as always, they are remarkable! Congratulations on a well deserved place on their design team- to me you are the highlight. hugs, Laura

Maija said...

Congrats on your success with G 45!! You guys rock!!

Linda Cain said...

Always a treat to come here.
And after a moment of thought, I too am definitely an Anal-Retentive Procrastinator!!! Yes! That REALLY describes my need to be perfect with the result of what I finally am going to glue together....rethink after rethink!

Ha! Love it, and all you do. Congrats and great job!



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