Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Lost Dreams" Printer Tray Class

"Lost Dreams" class at Mystic Paper

Curio stash unleashed.....
Every once in awhile we like to come up with a unique project that
we can share all kinds of cool salvaged treasures, old collected images and ephemera,
 and our huge inventory of odd findings.
As we hunt and gather these items 
they can start to take over our studio.
As a teacher you always look for things in multiples.
When you find that golden stash... you don't need
time to think about the purchase you just buy it.
 But then what happens is you
always have this huge inventory too large for your own artistic needs.
So projects like this are perfect for those stock piles of rich goodness.
This weekend we have put a surprise class 
on the schedule at Mystic Paper in Mesa, Az.
Its highly inspired by the likes of Joseph Cornell and Mr. Holtz.
We have decided to take one of Tim's Configuration boxes... 
the biggest one of the collection; the Printer Tray.
Your challenge if you decide to accept it... is to fill it with a tale as big as the box.
Using all of our fantastic goodies and images.
Along the way we will introduce splash and spray inks, textures with 
molding paste, rust effects, and layering. 
We hope that you come and join us for this wild ride of an all day class.
If not we will share as much as we can and a few pieces 
with you on our Mixed Media Manic Monday.
Like always all supplies will be provided.
Feel free to bring your favorite pair of cutters, your creativity, 
and perhaps a few trinkets or images of your own.

Have a great weekend everyone!
-Jack & Cat Curio


FitterTwit said...

That is WONDERFUL!!! :)

Gingerlee said...

Oh I so wish I lived closer! That's not by chance a kit that could be purchased is it? :)

Robin said...

What a gorgeous piece....wish I lived in AZ!! Have a great class and weekend.


Martina2801 said...

Your work is oustanding!!! What a unique style you have.I love it!!!!

Linda Cain said...

Stunning work! Always a treat to look at every nook and cranny of your creations!


Caroline said...

Looks so fun... wish NC wasn't so far away from Arizona!! Have a good time and thanks for the inspiration!


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