Monday, July 11, 2011

Mixed Media Manic Monday & Giveaway

Morning Everyone!
I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend.
We spent all weekend in the studio....
Finishing some goodies for G45!
Creating fall projects and trying to get a jump back on kits.
Above is a sneak peek at one of our G45 pieces...
Can you guess what this might be for...
We had green glitter on every inch of the studio...
I'm not good with glitter....
I get it everywhere... no matter what I try...
Glitter lingers....
I  find that it has a way of hauntiong 
all of my out of home travels... at the store... the bank... etc...
I look in the mirror... and notice that somehow 
after many days of non usage... 
it can still be found dusted into my eyebrow.. 
I'm sure that we as artists 
share similar stories.... also the dirty fingertip problem...
Its been awhile on this blog....
But lets jump into it...

You tell us about your best or worst glitter experience.
Post it as a comment any time this week.
We will choose one random winner and announce 
them here on the blog on Friday, July 15th! 

This week's giveaway...
A paper pack of our favorite paper ever...
Communique from G45
and a pack of  G45 Metal Tag Staples.

Can't wait to read your stories.
 Next on the list for this Monday...

We have received several emails 
about our creation the "Invention".
This was a project we created for  G45  last month.
So we have posted it here on the blog
with the supply list and some quick notes.

Here is what we said about the piece....

"We are highly influenced by the works of American artist Joseph Cornell. Always on the lookout for an altered box craving to be transformed. Here in Arizona the Steampunk movement has been on the rise for several years... At weekly art events we often get several requests for Steampunk treasures....This last month we attended the Phoenix Comic-con was Steampunk overload...we came home and created this little piece...a mixture of sci-fi and movie set magic. We hope that you enjoy the piece." -Jack and Cat Curio

 So the main question we have received... is about the texture of the piece. 
How did we achieve that rich texture on the sides of the box?

Directions for outside of box:
Start by adhering your selected cut  imagery to the sides of your box.
We like to use PVA glue as our adhesive.
Burnish... then sand and ink if you like.
Stamp on your sides with Archival or StazOn Ink. 
Then apply  Molding Paste to the sides.
Similar to frosting a cake.
Frost your edges and sides of imagery.
In thicker layers you can stamp once it begins to set.
It can be tricky.
But if you want it... you need to work for it.
Once your molding paste is dry....
You can sand it down in areas of your choosing.
Then apply a colored glaze over it all.
A thin watered down acrylic paint will work.
Or even Tim's new Distress Ink Stains.
While the piece is still lightly damp add Perfect Pearls.
Perfect Pearls will attach to the areas of moisture.
Gently brush the Perfect Pearls into 
as many texture points as desired.
Add more Distress Ink and Perfect Pearls until 
you achieved your desired coloring.

Cigar Box
Graphic45 Collection:  
Tim Holtz Idea-ology:
Foundations Box Feet

Distress Walnut Stain
Black Soot
Spiced Marmalade

Archival Ink Jet Black
Liquitex Molding Paste
Claudine Hellmuth Multi-medium matte,
Claudine Hellmuth Studio Acrylic Paint:
Altered Orange
Blank Canvas
Kaisercolour :
Golden Glaze Burnt Umber
Ranger Perfect Pearls: 
Stamps: Hero Arts H2365 Old French Writing, small numbers
Glass bottle 
Light bulb
copper tape
Wooden finial
Metal gear
Mini pearls
Floral Fiber
We hope this has inspired and we wish you all a great Monday.
More coming soon!
-Jack & Cat Curio


Janeen the suburbngypsy said...

1 shoebox of assorted glitter jars
1 crafty toddler
1 complacent saint bernard

Have toddler wait until mommy is busy somewhere else in the house. Then have toddler open all of the glitter jars, one by one, and decorate the saint bernard. Don't forget to cover the entire body, and make sure you liberally decorate the nose for extra glam effect. The result will be the most beautiful, glamorous dog on the block, and weeks of finding glitter in the oddest places including on every piece of clothing, everyone's eyelashes, and in the doggy deposits on the back lawn.

Judy Wood said...

Can't wait to see what all you'll do with the new OZ papers, great collection!

Glitter story: A few years back I was teaching art part time at a local private school, Pre-K thru high school. I had 4-5 girls, bff's, that used glitter on EVERY PROJECT, we knicknamed them the glitter girls! I'm sure they are still BEST of friends! It's just hard to think sometimes, that Lascaux France early wall paintings could be redesigned using that much glitter!

Aideen said...

Wow! Great sneak peak-show us more!!! :) and thanks for the super tutorial....

I love glitter and my favorite thing was when I found stickles!!! Love them :) x

Aideen said...

Wow! Great sneak peak-show us more!!! :) and thanks for the super tutorial....

I love glitter and my favorite thing was when I found stickles!!! Love them :) x

kim sirak said...

my favorite glitter story: i am a glitter queen. I love to use glitter and tend to get it everywhere. i alot of times work in my PJs and this one time I got the glitter all over me and went to bed. glitter in the bed all over my husband came home the next morning and went to bed and went to work the next night with glitter all over his face which is really funny cause he is a big burly tattooed cable guy. All his work friends told him he was so sparkley.

Jen Crossley said...

Love the new OZ papers they are so retro.Glitter story OMG that stuff hand around for months.My hubby was best man at his brothers wedding when I noticed standing up at the alter something shining on My hubbys pants no it was love shining through it was glitter I swear I hadnt used it for months LOL
Jen Crossley

M said...

Took the Chicklet to Disneyland for the first time. We found one of those little girl shops. The Chicklet and my niece had their hair done up. Lots of clips, lots of glitter were added. Two monthes later we were still finding glitter in her hair, pillow...

Kathy said...

Love the box.

Glitter story: I do my crafts on the kitchen counter. One morning I hear this from my husband who is standing at the kitchen counter. "Honey? Why is there glitter in our butter?" Nothing says lover like glitter in the butter. :o)


Linda Cain said...

My daughter once told me "glitter is the herpes of the craft industry. Once you have it, you never get rid of it!"
Very true indeed!

Can't wait to see your "OZ" creation. Going to CHA? Hope to see you this time!


Michelle said...

Hey guys! No glitter stories here which is really amazing since I raised two girly girls. I swear glitter was their middle names. Then came the opposite sex and glitter "not so cool".

BTW I love the OZ pic for G45 project. Green? Perfect!!!!

Mike I am sure the green glitter will still be around for St Patty's Day so no worries mate.

Barbara said...

My favorite thing to do with glitter is to spill it!!! Especially the really fine glitter in a brand new bottle. And I seem to really like to do this in the summer when it is super hot so that it can stick all over me and of course I'm barefoot too so I can walk in it and track it all over the house so everyone can enjoy it for weeks to come! The cat also loves glitter - she has super sonic hearing and knows just when it gets spilled. She comes running into the room so she can roll around in it and lick it up. This way she can help scatter it about the house and provide festive kitty gak ups. Someday I hope to be grownup enough to get more glitter on my projects than all over my house. Maybe I should put my glitter in a sippy cup?!!!

FitterTwit said...

Ok, so I would post my glitter story, but I don't think mine can contend with glitter in my doggie deposits and glitter herpes... hahahahahaha! LOVE IT!!!

Caroline said...

Thanks for the sneak peek... cant wait to see the whole project!

Well... I should have known better than to try be so Martha Stewart like. LOL I was using super fine mica dust glitter one Thanksgiving to jazz up some pomegranates for the center piece. They turned out great, but the house was covered in the mica dust, of which I only realized after I was done crafting. The mica was so fine and light that when the heat was running, the air circulation drew it towards the air return. Every single square inch of every single surface between where I was working and the air return was covered with the stuff!! Nothing like having to re-clean everything before guests arrived. Thought I had done a good job of cleaning until the family arrived... and with everyone moving around, it stirred up the mica glitter. I noticed even the turkey had extra sparkle on the skin! Ha.. no one noticed but me and it was delicious! I guess everyone was too busy pointing all the glitter on each other and teasing me about me and glitter. Maybe I had the last laugh??!!??

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness - that first post from Janeen is hilarious! My worst glitter experience wasn't nearly as bad as this. I had my young niece at a card making class and she spilled it all over. It was very fine glitter so it was stuck everywhere of course!

Gybogi said...

once I helped the girls next door (7 and 5 years old) to create their carnival costumes and both of them wanted to be shiney, glittering butterflies. they insist on making the glitter part theirselves on these big butterfly wings. I said no problem! they were really good and the wings turned glittering pink! and also did my husband jeans...but unfortunatley he did not see it untill his colleauges called him shiney-honney and so on... :D

since that time, I do not have to quarrel with him not to leave his clothes in the living room. so gliterr rulez!!!!!! :D

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Glitter story. My grand daughter loves to go to my studio and her favorite thing is glitter. She was putting glitter on a card and decided to blow the excess glitter off, bad enough on its own, but the glitter bottle was open as well, you can guess the rest of the story.

Kate said...

My best glitter experience was on a Graphic 45 photo frame. I used glitter on a Tattered Angels glimmer chip and it turned out beautifully. I don't use glitter a lot but I am glad I have not had mishaps.


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