Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fiskars & G45 Blog Hop/ Challenge

Today is day four of the G45 Blog Hop/ Challenge with G45 & Fiskars.
Our project is featured along with the
fantastic Sherry Cheever ( Aka Bad Sherry) today on the G45 blog.
Also we created a little fun video for your delight.
We encourage you to take a look and participate in the prize giveaway.
I blurked this from the G45 blog. 
Yes- to blurk is to fondly blog borrow from another.
Or to lurk on ones blog without leaving a comment. LOL.
Welcome to a super fantastic week of fun as we team up with the fine folks at Fiskars all this week! We'll be sharing some marvelous crafts from the Graphic 45 and Fiskars design teams. Plus we've got two ultra deluxe Graphic 45/Fiskars prize packs to give away! Here's how it works. Leave us a blog comment for your chance to win the prize pictured below. Then venture on over to our Facebook page to enter to win an exclusive Facebook prize pack! Fiskars is also offering a big giveaway on Facebook. Just leave a comment on the Graphic 45 Facebook and Fiskars Facebook page saying "Graphic 45 + Fiskars= ______" (fill in the blank with your own words). It's just that simple! Lots of prizes and easy ways to enter for your chance to win! How cool is that?! We will announce our random winners this Friday on our blog and Facebook page! Take a look at this awesome blog prize! A Curtain Call and Le Cirque 8x8 Paper Pad, Tim Staples, Envelope Tag Staples, Fiskars Paper Crimper, Detail Burnisher, Everywhere Punch, Border Punch, Tear Edger, and a MyStick adhesive dispenser! Wow! Check out our Facebook and the Fiskars Facebook page to see the exclusive prizes offered there! 


Some mighty fine projects from everyone!
Damn we love us some Fiskars!
Have a great day everyone.

- Jack & Cat Curio


Linda Cain said...

Great fun! Love the new term..BLURK!


Nancy Wethington said...

Beautifully created!

suburbNgypsy said...

graphic 45 + fiskars = a little slice of heaven

Alice said...

Your stuff is always the best. I actually drool over your creations! What more can I say?

Smittydidit said...

..... ok, so I got caught :)

I Lurk'ed .... giggle

But between the incredible talent and the magnificent music, I loose track of time here.

and then to find you have this give-a-way..... I think my eye'z are starting to glaze over.... :)

.... giggle

Nancy said...

Love your blog! This is my first time visiting and definitely adding to my favs!

D said...

Very nice!

snowbear said...

Very nice banner!

Lana Bisson said... the tAG bANNER! what an awesome idea.. I may have to lift this one...

Karen O said...

New to your blog...Love your not have a FB page but G45 + Fiskars=heaven...

Gingerlee said...

Love the banner! So creative!

Gingerlee said...

Love the banner! So creative!


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