Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back again... someone paid the ransom!

Ice Resin Substrate piece titled "Paris Blues"

Yes someone paid the ransom. 
We are back in blogland!
We have neglected the blog for more than a few weeks.
Our day jobs have kept us busy.
That and we are working on new big ideas going into April...
Spring is in the air.
We have been tackling several outside art markets in the last few weeks. 
Every weekend we are taking our wares and artistic goods and setting up somewhere.
The days have been a mad blur.
Also as an artist when you have time, 
you have to check out and reflect upon the direction of things. 
Look back on where you have been... what you have created...
Now where do you want to go?
What new levels do you want to create in your pieces? your themes,? your style?
Has your artistic voice changed?
 Do you need to expand in new techniques?
Have you grown? 
Every artist needs to evolve.
So in between the madness... we have been planning and shaping.
We hope that you will like the new changes coming soon.

Until then we want to share a few items with you.
Here is a  tutorial video that we created for Ice Resin.
We hope that you enjoy.
Also I have attached a video from the ever clever Cat Kerr
Cat explains how to use the new templates for imagery with Ice Resin.
Would love to know your thoughts on both.

Also new items are being posted in the shop daily.
We still have a few March kits available. 
All will be shipping out next week.
 Have a fantastic Wednesday!
All the best,
- Jack and Cat Curio


Linda Cain said...

OUTSTANDING video. LOVE the rich colors. Amazing work again!


Alice said...

Your videos are great. Short and sweet, yet cover everything. Makes using ice resin look easy. I have missed your posts I'm glad someone paid your ransom.

Jen Crossley said...

Glad yoru back I was starting to take up a collection for you so far I had $3.25 LOL

Barbara Mason said...

Great videos! I too was wondering what rock you were hiding under!


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