Monday, April 30, 2012

Moving, Birthday and Kits.

I love change. 
I love organized chaos. 
I love to move.
Sure with any move comes the mess, the cleaning, the filtering of items.
But you get the chance to start again.
 A new environment. A new look.
Adopt a new style.
The last two weeks Lesley and I have moved our living location. 
Moved back across town.
We also are currently in the process of setting up the
 studio and workspace outside of the home.
Something we have been looking forward to for quite a while.
Also this last weekend we celebrated my 40th birthday.
Another marker for change. 
With a move and a birthday comes a time of reflection. 
We are looking forward to what new 
changes and challenges may come our way.

 The move is almost over. 
We have parts of the studio parceled between a new home and storage.
 All the pieces will be brought together in another week
 at a new studio space in Phoenix. 

All the April kits have gone out as of today.
The "Mystere Kits" went out later than expected.
Today we were to start posting a video tutorial for the kit on the blog.
 We have decided to postpone the video
 post until next week . So the "Mystere" video tutorials will 
begin on Monday, May 7th. Also we have decided 
to run a full set of video tutorials for
 the Oz kit starting on Monday, May 14th here on the blog.
Thanks everyone!
If you have any questions please contact us.


linda said...

congrats on the move to your new home! Change is great - it creates excitement!

Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you two!

SueC said...

Good luck with all the moving - hope everything goes to plan for you both xx


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